Monday, June 7, 2021

"It ain't a conspiracy if it keeps coming true! Just say NO!"

RC the Rapper "Just Say No"

This young man has very clever lyrics in a series of songs that are political and social commentary.  Suddenly I have become a Rap fan.  You may become one too.  He is the only person I have heard provide sharp, solid social commentary that is easily accessible and fun.  Just what we needed!


ML said...

This was great. Thanks, Meryl. I then listened to his song Snowflakes and realized he isn’t the kind of guy I’d bring home to mother, but he got it 100% right with Just Say No! So thanks for posting this. Lol. Rap isn’t my cup of tea either, but this is rap well expressed.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

He was a pro wrestler before turning to rap, it seems

Anonymous said...

He’s actually RC the rapper NOT Tom McDonald !

Anonymous said...

There are actually a whole bunch of rap artists around the world rapping anti vax messages:

In Tampa Florida you have Forgiato Blow and Brayson Gray with “No Vaccine”

In the UK you have Remeece - “Don’t Tek Di Vaccine”

In Jamaica there are a couple:

1) St.Matthew aka The Street Disciple - “THE VACCINE ( The Vaccine Riddim )”

2) Lethal - “No Vaccine” -