Sunday, June 6, 2021

Josie Golding, PhD was another conspirator whose job was to "end any speculation about deliberate genetic engineering"

Josie Golding is a top employee at Wellcome.  She signed the Lancet correspondence. She was in on the Feb 1-2 phone calls.  She talks to Parliament, which leads me to believe she functions as a producer and communicator of narratives, as well as a manager at Wellcome.

Most likely she was brought into the conspiracy by Farrar to help in the shaping of the Nature Medicine Correspondence, because when Andersen's Scripps Institute sent out a press release for the paper, it quoted Andersen and Josie Golding.  Yet she is not a coauthor.

As my friend Ed Hooper noted:

"The Scripps press release (as press releases often do) went further than the paper itself.   Lead author Kristian Andersen, an associate professor of immunology and microbiology at the SRI, stated that their research “rules out laboratory manipulation as a potential origin” for the virus.   Josie Golding, a professor from the Wellcome Trust in London, stated that the article is “crucially important to bring an evidence-based view to the rumours which have been circulating about the origins of the virus causing COVID-19.”  She went on to claim that the authors “conclude that the virus is the product of natural evolution, ending any speculation about deliberate genetic engineering.”'

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