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Michel Chossudovsky points out that we have no idea whether the PCR test used to diagnose monkeypox is accurate... and that the monkeypox caper is merely another stunt to frighten and control us

Something weird is happening at WHO headquarters in Geneva. On Saturday July 23, 2022, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebressus held a press conference in which he declared Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) pertaining to the monkeypox virus.

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, took this decision unilaterally against a majority vote of the Second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee (9 against, 6 in favor)  held on Thursday, 21 July 2022 in Geneva (from 12:00 noon to 19:00pm Geneva Time CEST), two days prior to Dr. Tedros’ Press Conference which was held on Saturday, 23 July 2022: 

“We have an outbreak that has spread around the world rapidly through new modes of transmission…I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.”

Did Tedros have the support of  his colleagues? Is he in Conflict of Interest? According to Bloomberg:

“The declaration from Tedros … underscores divisions within the organization over the severity of the threat. The pathogen typically causes flu-like symptoms, followed by a rash that often starts on the face and spreads down the belly.  (Bloomberg, emphasis added)

What Bloomberg failed to mention is Dr. Tedros’ Bombshell Statement: 

“An outbreak that is concentrated among men who have sex with men”:

“Although I [Tedros] am declaring a public health emergency of international concern, for the moment this is an outbreak that is concentrated among men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners.

That means that this is an outbreak that can be stopped with the right strategies in the right groups.

It’s therefore essential that all countries work closely with communities of men who have sex with men, to design and deliver effective information and services, and to adopt measures that protect the health, human rights and dignity of affected communities.

Stigma and discrimination can be as dangerous as any virus.

In addition to our recommendations to countries, I am also calling on civil society organizations, including those with experience in working with people living with HIV, to work with us on fighting stigma and discrimination.

(emphasis added)

Where is the science?  What are the implications?

Does the above statement constitute an encroachment of the fundamental rights of the LGBT Community which is currently the object of the emergency measures? In the words of the WHO report cited below: “interventions [are] targeted to this segment of the population [LGBT]”

The calling of a PHEIC has already opened up a Pandora’s box.

Five days after Tedros’ announcement  the Mayor of San Fransisco  declared a “state of emergency”. Emergency measures are also envisaged in other major US cities.

Before proceeding with a careful review of the WHO report, a few words on the “unspoken history” of this unfolding monkeypox pandemic

Brief Timeline (2017-2022)

February 2017: Bill Gates’ Warning of Bioterrorism involving a “synthetic version of the smallpox virus” (Munich Security Conference, February 2017)

December 2020: The Expert Planning of A Tabletop Simulation of a Monkeypox Virus Pandemic by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a nonprofit organization, founded by former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn and philanthropist billionaire Ted Turner. 

March 2021: The NTI Table Top Simulation  which portrays a “fictional exercise scenario of a deadly, global pandemic involving an unusual strain of monkeypox virus” (Munich Security Conference, March 2021)

November 2021: Bill Gates announced possible “Small Pox Terror Attacks”  in a TV interview with Jeremy Hunt in early November 2021, Bill Gates warned  governments to prepare for simultaneous smallpox terror attacks in 10 airports.

May 5, 2022. Beginning of the alleged “real time outbreak”. First monkeypox reported by the U.K. to the WHO.

May 15, 2022 marks the commencement of the monkeypox epidemic in the NTI “Simulated Scenario” (presented to the Munich Security Conference in March 2021), leading up to January 2023 (83 countries affected) with 70 million confirmed cases and 1.3 million deaths. (See below)

July 23, 2022. The WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus launches a Worldwide Monkeypox Health Emergency (PHEIC)


For further details on the Timeline and Simulated Scenario see:

Worldwide Monkeypox Health Emergency (PHEIC): For Bill Gates, It’s “Moneypox”: Simulation of Fictitious Monkeypox Virus Pandemic in March 2021, Goes Live in May 2022


The Questionable 99% “Estimate”. The Emergency Committee Meeting,  July 21, 2022 in Geneva

There is a long history of viral transmission pertaining to the monkeypox pathogen going back to the 1950s. The man to man transmission (MSM) is not corroborated by peer reviewed reports published prior to the May 2022 outbreak.

Below is my review of the report entitled : “Second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) Emergency Committee”  regarding the alleged multi-country outbreak of monkeypox, This meeting  was held  two days prior to Dr. Tedros’ Press Conference.

The report provides details on the thrust of the WHO Director General’s decision to launch a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), focussing on the incidence of the monkeypox virus on “bisexual, gay and men who have sex with men”. Of significance, the members of this Committee (21 July 2022) turned down Dr. Tedros proposal to launch the PHEIC.

Below are selected and summarized quotations of a rather long document which confirms the WHO’s stance. Read carefully. (The meeting in Geneva lasted for five hours):

The majority of reported cases of monkeypox currently are in males, and most of these cases occur among males who identified themselves as gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM), in urban areas, and are clustered in social and sexual networks.

There has also been a significant rise in the number of cases in countries in West and Central Africa, with an apparent difference in the demographic profile maintained than that observed in Europe and the Americas, with more women and children amongst the cases. 

The genome sequence of the virus obtained in several countries shows some divergence from the West African clade.  

Representatives of Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Nigeria updated the Committee (in this order) on the epidemiological situation in their countries and their current response efforts. With the exception of Nigeria, the remaining four countries reported that 99% of cases were occurring in MSM, and mainly among those with multiple partners.

The vaccine strategy is targeted and aims to interrupt transmission through post-exposure prophylaxis and pre-exposure prophylaxis among MSM at highest risk.

In the United States, cases of monkeypox are widely distributed across the country, although most cases are concentrated in three large cities. While a few cases have occurred in children and a pregnant woman, 99% are related to male-to-male sexual contact.

In Canada, 99% of cases have occurred among MSM, and the country is taking a broad approach to pre-exposure prophylaxis, given the challenges with contact tracing; and is strongly focused on engagement with community-led organizations supporting key affected populations groups.

Nigeria recorded a little over 800 cases of monkeypox between September 2017 and 10 July 2022 and has seen at 3% case fatality ratio among confirmed cases. Cases are predominantly in men aged 31 to 40 years; there was no evidence of sexual transmission presented. The highest number of annually reported cases since 2017 has been observed in 2022.

[Members of the Committee underscored the following]:

The moral duty to deploy all means and tools available to respond to the event, as highlighted by leaders of the LGBTI+ communities from several countries, bearing in mind that the community currently most affected outside Africa is the same initially reported to be affected in the early stages of HIV/AIDS pandemic;

The vast majority of cases are observed among MSM with multiple partners, and, despite the operational challenges, there is the opportunity to stop ongoing transmission with interventions targeted to this segment of the population. Cases observed beyond this population group, including among health workers are, to date, limited;

emphasis added

Fake Science: Flawed PCR Test “Detects” Monkeypox Virus

The WHO document does not provide relevant sources (pertaining to scientific analysis) nor the data on the alleged monkeypox “confirmed cases”.

What the WHO confirms is that the flawed RT-PCR test was the basis of monkeypox data collection and tabulation (since early May). (See below).

Both the CDC and the WHO  endorsed the controversial Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT-PCR) as a means to identifying virus and “detecting the monkeypox pathogen“. A totally absurd initiative.

On June 6, 2022, barely two weeks before Dr. Tedros’ Press announcement, the CDC issued the following advisory.

“This [RT-PCR] assay detects DNA at varying concentrations, providing a qualitative result of either positive, negative, or inconclusive in the identification of Monkeypox virus infections.” (CDC)

It sounds contradictory: on December 31, 2021, the CDC declared that the PCR test was invalid pertaining to SARS-CoV-2 (unauthorized by the FDA). According to the CDC advisory (acknowledging the failures of the RT-PCR test):

“CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza”.

Let’s not get things mixed up: Versatility of the RT-PCR test. “Anything Goes”.

If you test RT-PCR positive for Covid-19, it may be “mistakenly” tabulated as a “positive” Monkeypox virus infection.  How convenient. The PCR positives are then assigned to the monkeypox. (“confirmed cases”).

SARS-CoV-2, Influenza, Corona common cold, and now the monkeypox. The PCR test is also being applied to detect the “dangerous” Covid omicron variants and the BA4 and BA5 sub-variants.

The WHO Report: Invalid Results Derived from Biased Sample?

Were random sample surveys undertaken which corroborate the issue of “man to man” (MSM) transmission as outlined by Dr. Tedros in his Press Conference on July 23, 2022? Were women and children included in a random sample procedure?

How is it that MSM male to male sexual transmission is “99% of the cases” in the US, UK, Spain and Canada, while in Nigeria among 800 cases recorded over a five year period, there was not a single case of MSM sexual transmission?

The answer is obvious: the Nigerian data was recorded based on a medical diagnosis of patients over a five year period, whereas the figures pertaining to the US, UK, Canada, Spain were most probably derived from a biased sample, confirmed by a totally invalid PCR Test.

Confirmed in the report: “The 99% of the confirmed cases” were based on statements of representatives of those four countries at the IHR Emergency Committee Meeting

Dr Demetre Daskalakis of the CDC (U.S) and Dr. Theresa Tam of Health Canada, Advisors to the IHR Committee were present. (See list of members).

Similarly, the report admits that in West and Central Africa there were “more women and children amongst the cases”, whereas as in Europe and North America, the confirmed cases are almost exclusively MSM men.

And already the report is referring to a monkeypox vaccine for “men who have sex with men, especially those with multiple sexual partners.”

Were these 99% MSM confirmed cases were not the object of a medical diagnosis, i.e. flu-like symptoms, rashes on the face and the body?  Or was it just a PCR test and a biased sample?

The statements in this report are not corroborated. The WHO does not outline its methodology.

From a scientific and statistical standpoint it does not make sense.

What is the intent?

“Pandemic Preparedness”?

A  fear campaign which targets the LGBT community, creating social divisions?

A monkeypox vaccine is already in the pipeline.

Governments have already placed orders for the delivery of smallpox vaccines effective against monkeypox.

On May 18, 2022, less than 2 weeks following the announcement by the WHO, the US government had already signed a contract with Bavaria Nordic  consisting of an order of  “millions of doses of a vaccine that protects against the virus” (Forbes).

The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) Article First Published on Thursday, 21st of July

An important article entitled Monkeypox Virus Infection in Humans across 16 Countries – April June 2022 was released on Thursday 21st, 2022.

 The NEJM study was coordinated by the Share HIV research team at the University of London. No doubt, the NEJM article (published on July 21st) was made available to the WHO as well as to members of the NIH Emergency Committee who were meeting on that same day.

The methodology applied by the Share Group appears to be similar to that of the WHO. The empirical results (confirmed cases) of a biased sample are: “98% of the persons with infection were gay or bisexual men, 75% were White”, using the RT-PCR test applied to monkeypox.

Most of the patients in the “sample” already had a record of  HIV and/or sexually transmitted infections. (STI). We are not dealing with a random sample.

The authors refer to a “convenience sample” whereby data is collected in collaboration with 43 participating entities in 16 countries moat of which are  involved in treatment and research in HIV and sexual transmitted diseases.

Designated patients were recruited for the “sample”, a large percentage of whom already had HIV and/or STI, etc.

We report 528 infections diagnosed between April 27 and June 24, 2022, at 43 sites in 16 countries. Overall, 98% of the persons with infection were gay or bisexual men, 75% were White, and 41% had human immunodeficiency virus infection; the median age was 38 years. Transmission was suspected to have occurred through sexual activity in 95% of the persons with infection. (emphasis added)

The designated patients were submitted to take:

 “a laboratory-confirmed monkeypox virus infection defined by a positive result on monkeypox virus polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR) assay in a specimen from any anatomical site”.

It’s “a biased sample” using an invalid test (aka RT-PCR). 

Most of the patients who tested positive in the “PCR monkeypox assay were ALREADY de facto HIV and/or  STI cases, leading to the “corroborating” FALSE statement pari passu that monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease.


Anonymous said...


'New Documentary on WHO Exposes Widespread Corruption, Massive Funding by Bill Gates'!

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Anonymous said...

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?
Russell L. Blaylock M.D. Brain Surgeon
22 April 2022

COVID19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies. We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

Anthony Fauci, the CDC, WHO nor any medical governmental establishment has ever offered any early treatment other than Tylenol, hydration and call an ambulance once you have difficulty breathing. This is unprecedented in the entire history of medical care as early treatment of infections is critical to saving lives and preventing severe complications. Not only have these medical organizations and federal lapdogs not even suggested early treatment, they attacked anyone who attempted to initiate such treatment with all the weapons at their disposal—loss of license, removal of hospital privileges, shaming, destruction of reputations and even arrest.

A good example of this outrage against freedom of speech and providing informed consent information is the recent suspension by the medical board in Maine of Dr. Meryl Nass’ medical license and the ordering of her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for prescribing Ivermectin and sharing her expertise in this field.[9,65] I know Dr, Nass personally and can vouch for her integrity, brilliance and dedication to truth. Her scientific credentials are impeccable. This behavior by a medical licensing board is reminiscent of the methodology of the Soviet KGB during the period when dissidents were incarcerated in psychiatric gulags to silence their dissent.

Another unprecedented tactic is to remove dissenting doctors from their positions as journal editors, reviewers and retracting of their scientific papers from journals, even after these papers have been in print. Until this pandemic event, I have never seen so many journal papers being retracted the vast majority promoting alternatives to official dogma, especially if the papers question vaccine safety.

We are now witnessing a growing number of excellent scientific papers, written by top experts in the field, being retracted from major medical and scientific journals weeks, months and even years after publication.

It has been estimated, based on results by physicians treating the most covid patients successfully, that of the 800,000 people that we are told died from Covid, 640,000 could have not only been saved, but could have, in many cases, returned to their pre-infection
health status had mandated early treatment
with these proven methods been used.

This neglect of early treatment constitutes mass murder.

That means 160,000 would have actually died, far less than the number dying at the hands of bureaucracies, medical associations and medical boards that refused to stand up for their patients. According to studies of early treatment of thousands of patients by brave, caring doctors, seventy-five to eighty percent of the deaths could have been prevented.[43,44]
Incredibly, these knowledgeable doctors were prevented from saving these Covid-19 infected people. It should be an embarrassment to the medical profession that so many doctors mindlessly followed the deadly protocols established by the controllers of medicine.

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"Shocking Testimonies From the Covid Jab Injured"!
It's been shown with controversial topics like abortion and the border crisis that hearing from the people most affected by problems can change hearts and minds. Will it work for the jabs?

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The so-called "vaccines" for COVID-19 are perfect biological weapons -

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Vaccine Mandates?

I do not understand why people have to sue to be exempt from being forced to participate in a drug experiment for which there is already a Federal Law (21 U.S. Cod 360-bbb) that prohibits forcing anyone to participate in a "biological product" experiment or under an EUA that is an "unapproved product" - and this Law also states that people must be free to choose whether or not they want to participate in an experiment and if they "refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks" and if they choose not to participate in the experiment, they will NOT be discriminated against with regard to medical treatment.

Well, we can certainly see that many people -- including the military and other government and pharma officials have certainly forgotten about this law! They all need to be sued using this Federal Law as their standard for bring suit! "It it ILLEGAL to force anyone to participate in an EUA experiment."

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Re: Dr Robert Malone and Dr Theo Schetters - mRna vaccines and the rise of the all-cause mortality rate
Great interview!

If anyone would like more information here is a link to the website that he mentions in the video where he publicly states that the 'vaxxine campaign ''should be ended''. It no longer is needed.'

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This is why people like Tedros are so easily controlled -
It used to entail blackmail by entrapment or drugging (brownstone operation), now anyone who wants power gives up the evidence voluntarily.
You may be tempted to think it's a deepfake, but if you look closely at the lighting, particularly on his face, you'll see it's indeed real.