Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Denmark will no longer allows children to receive COVID vaccines unless there is a specific doctor's order (and woe be the doctor if there is a serious adverse event)

Denmark has announced that people under the age of 18 are no longer allowed to get the COVID vaccine.

Denmark bans vaccine for youth under 18
Denmark bans vaccine for youth under 18

Those wanting their first shot were cut off after July 1, and no one in the age group — aside from those who are considered “high risk” and have a doctor’s note — will be allowed to get a second shot after September 1.

“Children and adolescents only very rarely become seriously ill from COVID-19 with the omicron variant. Therefore, from July 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible for children and adolescents under the age of 18 to get the 1st [shot], and from September 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to get the 2nd [shot],” reads a government statement. [translated from Danish] 

While many are likely relieved because it means that vaccine mandates won’t be coming back to school, few have followed Denmark’s lead, and if the science is universal, it’s a wonder why they haven’t.

For example, despite this decision from Denmark, babies are now eligible to receive three rounds of Moderna’s Covid vaccine in Canada, even though COVID poses no greater threat to babies than the flu does, and Health Canada admits they lack long-term safety data.

Moreover, various health authorities have recently highlighted the risks of adverse effects that exist from the COVID vaccines. 

Germany’s ministry of health recently tweeted there’s a 1 in 5000 chance people receive a “serious adverse effect” from the vaccines.

This came just days after Ontario’s CMHO refused to say healthy people “should” get boosted with what he referred to as a “therapeutic” due to the risk of myocarditis being 1 in 5000.

While it seems that more and more authorities are warning of the risks of vaccines — which, according to Denmark, are greater than the risk of COVID for the young and healthy — few countries are willing to say outright that the risks outweigh the benefits.



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Here's great article by Whitney Webb on new, Intel linked company making the Moderna rNA:

"For those who are skeptical of the outsized role that intelligence-linked companies are playing in the attempted technological “revolution” in the medical field, it is best to consider Resilience’s role in the upcoming fall vaccination campaign and in future pandemic and public health scenarios before trying its “futuristic” products."

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Newly-Obtained Moderna Documents Show mRNA COVID Vaccines Cause ‘Skeletal Malformation’ – Here’s What Happened To The Offspring Of Lab Rats Who Were Jabbed

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CDC’s U-Turn on The Plandemic… Now That The Facts Are In Plain Sight
August 13, 2022

(L) New York, and (R) Uttar Pradesh – Very different plandemic outcomes
Editor’s note: Extracts from Dr Martenson’s latest article.

Dr. Chris Martenson penned this article yesterday (12 August 2022), entitled:

“WOW!!! CDC Completely Reverses Course! IT’S OVER!

“This is HUGE news folks. In bureaucrat speak, this is a near-complete cave-in to the actual facts.

No symptoms? No problem.
Vaccinated or unvaccinated? Same guidance.
Exposed? No need to even quarantine.
Students exposed? They can stay in class, what the hell, right?
“If you managed to maintain your integrity through this awful period of time, congratulations! … As for the people who didn’t, some can be forgiven. But many cannot.

“Those who could have and “should” have known better? The doctors who failed to utilize known and proven early treatments to save lives? The public health authorities that locked people down and forced masks onto children’s faces without a shred of supporting science to back those decisions? Medical hospital administrators who took the monetary bait and forced patients onto toxic and deadly regimens of Remdesivir and ventilators (again, without any supporting evidence!). The NIH treatment panel that still – to this day – does not recommend vitamin D, or any of the other actual safe and effective early treatments?”

He continues…

“There are far too many tragic cases out there. Far too many young lives were lost and continue to be lost. I am angry that it happened and at the petty, ignorant bureaucrats who forced it to happen. “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is a thing now, and the attempts to normalize it by the press have left me thinking that those companies and journalists who engaged in this ought to be barred for life from ever being in the business again.”

He cites the case of an avoidable tragedy, that of 17-year-old Sean Hartman. The boy’s father, Dan Hartman, is sure that his hockey-loving son died from a COVID vaccination. Read article here.

Martenson then discusses the sad saga of how early treatments were banned or kept from use — except in some parts of the world. The simple chart below says it all. Dr. Pierre Kory recently penned an exquisite piece on exactly how Uttar Pradesh accomplished its astonishing feat. “It all began with a leader who was unafraid to begin by rooting out corruption” and the use of a kit that included:

Azithromycin (Z-pac)
Vitamins D & C