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Pfizer “Vaccine” Lot Sizes Do NOT Explain the Abnormal Lot-to-Lot Variability in Adverse Events and Deaths/ Latypova, TrialSite News

I told you so! Data obtained through FOIA.


My colleagues and I have been analyzing CDC VAERS data since the start of the mass “vaccination” worldwide. While many good researchers and doctors have rightfully called attention to the catastrophically high levels of adverse events, serious adverse events, and deaths associated with mRNA injections, our group was the first to identify an additional important data anomaly – excessive variability of these reports by the manufacturing lot number of these injections. We initially found that raw VAERS data by lot number shows that 5% of the lots are associated with 90%+ of adverse events. This initial finding led to the realization that CDC database is riddled with apparent “typos” in the lot numbers, which maybe real human mistakes or CDC’s data manipulation technique such that the vast majority of lot numbers in the database appear to have only 1-2 reports. These “typos” result in tens of thousands of lot numbers appearing in VAERS, but most are not valid numbers and/or contain junk characters. This also leads to the median adverse events per “vaccine” lot appearing at 2-5 reports, while the lots with the highest numbers of adverse events reported have 6000+ reports per lot. This large variability and data discrepancy has never been addressed by the CDC despite numerous letters and even Congressional requests.

Lot-to-Lot Variability in Adverse Events and Deaths:

Excessive manufacturing lot-to-lot variations in adverse events and deaths for a pharmaceutical product is always a serious warning sign of uncontrolled and/or possibly intentionally fraudulent manufacturing. mRNA/DNA “vaccines” have exhibited this effect from their release, and no public health authority have ever “found” this signal despite it being loud and clear from the start. Our reports were initially dismissed even by the researchers who knew the injections were incredibly dangerous as “too conspiratorial,” with the most common argument that the “vaccine” lot sizes were not known and that the variability would be explained by large and small lot numbers produced.
We were eventually able to obtain the CDC list of valid lot numbers with manufacturing dates and NDC codes released in the US via a data leak. Specifically, this list contains 691 manufacturing lot numbers released in the US for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen products as of June 14, 2022. We can match a large proportion to VAERS reports to the correct lot numbers now. The conclusions about lot-to-lot variability did not change based on identifying the correct lot numbers – the range of variability remained the same (0-thousands), albeit the proportion of “super-toxic” to “benign” lots has switched. Most of the lots are indeed highly toxic. I have written several articles on this topic. In addition to the lot-to-lot variations, we found abnormal variability trends:

  • Over time: overall decline in apparent lot toxicity from catastrophic in first half of 2021 to almost ok in first half of 2022);
  • By geographic distribution: states like South Dakota and Kentucky exhibiting 20-30+ times more deaths per 100k vaccinated vs states like California and New York;
  • Large variation between lots in the types of deaths (immediate vs delayed) and injuries caused (by symptom);
  • Inexplicable correlations of the apparent lot toxicity with its number and date of manufacture.  

In addition, I wrote about first 30+ early Pfizer lots for which the lot sizes and some parameters related to formulation were known, also due to a data leak from EMA.   That analysis revealed yet another disturbing lot variability pattern – the % of intact mRNA molecules in Pfizer batches was directly associated with mortality.

Pfizer “Vaccine” Lot Sizes Have Been Released via FOIA:

Recently, records of Pfizer’s mRNA product shipments by lot number in the US have become available after a successful FOIA request by attorney Aaron Siri and his law firm. I was curious to see if the argument about VAERS adverse event lot variability being explained by sizes of lots held true. It did not. The variability in adverse events and deaths reported by lot number remains highly abnormal, both in its range and patterns over time even though we can now fully adjust for the lot size in terms of manufactured doses.   The results are below. Also see some additional insights from my colleague Jason Morphett, Ph.D., here.

As a reminder, any pharmaceutical product declared “fully approved” must be manufactured in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices and, we expect every lot of the medicine to look “essentially the same” as all others and, especially for prophylactic medicines that are administered to otherwise healthy people, to have as few serious adverse events and deaths as possible.  

In the graphs below, each dot represents a manufacturing lot of Pfizer mRNA product. On the vertical axis, I plot dose-adjusted serious adverse events (Figure 1) and deaths (Figure 2) from VAERS reports that matched the manufacturing lot number. On the horizontal axis, the lots are arranged by their date of manufacture derived from the CDC list of lots released in the US. If the “vaccine” product is a high-quality pharmaceutical manufactured under strict GMP rules, then both graphs below should have a straight line of dots across as close to zero on the vertical axis as possible. They do not look like that, obviously. The patterns in both graphs are quite alarming.  

Figure 1: 


Figure 2:
 Deaths and serious adverse events including life-threatening events, permanent disabilities, hospitalizations, congenital abnormalities, emergency room and office visits per manufacturing lot, adjusted for shipped doses, were up to 8 times higher at the beginning of the mass “vaccination” campaign vs today. A linear regression model shows even stronger association between the manufacturing lot rate of adverse events and its date of manufacture. Previously, this relationship was Rsq=0.3, with the new data it is Rsq=0.5. This inexplicable and alarming relationship should not exist. There should not be any difference in the toxicity of a product lot based on when it was manufactured.

Caveats and Discussion:

My previous conclusions about mRNA/DNA injections likely being fraudulent and de-facto adulterated products, whether intentionally or because of sloppy uncontrolled manufacturing, became even stronger after reviewing these new data. The fact that not a single regulatory or law enforcement agency “found” any of these glaring signals should surprise nobody.  

There is some additional information to be considered when reviewing these results:

  • The argument: “vaccines just killed older people first” does not explain the toxicity variations over time very well. The relationship to age only explains about 30% of it. The median age of those killed by the “vaccines” is about 8 years younger than those who died from covid before the “vaccines” (74 vs 82, respectively). While there are more deaths among the older people, there are more permanent disabilities among the younger ones. This is not surprising as the “vaccines” were rolled out to the elderly and to younger healthcare workers simultaneously and they killed and injured both groups. Finally, if a product is preferentially killing older people, then the older people should be excluded from that product! At a minimum, there should be a recall and investigation.
  • Pfizer changed the product dosing sometime between December 2020 and May 2021, effectively lowering the dose by 20% without making any changes to the bulk product. In December the vial with the same amounts of materials, labeled with the same ingredients and quantities contained 5 doses. By May 2021 the same vial with the same label of ingredients and composition was labeled for 6 doses.   Effectively Pfizer and their government enablers charged the taxpayers 20% and sold “more” doses without adjusting a single thing in their manufacturing output. However, the product per dose effectively became slightly “weaker”, possibly killing and injuring fewer victims. I tested the effect of lowered doses on my data, and it does not “equalize” the large differences in toxicity across the lots between the first half of 2021 and the rest of the period. Note that this is not the only product formulation change done without any clinical safety or efficacy testing.
  • Overall demand plummeted for these injections toward the end of 2021 and remains very low today. People are waking up, seeing their friends and family sick, injured, repeatedly re-infected with covid, and sadly dying “unexpectedly” after these injections. Even deeply deluded people eventually connect the dots. The governments are not adjusting purchases to the fall in demand and are using taxpayers’ money to buy unnecessary amounts of these products (i.e., financially rewarding their cronies at Pfizer and Moderna). As a result, the total Pfizer doses shipped by April 26, 2022, differ from doses administered by that date by approximately 100 million (425 million vs ~330 million)! These unadministered doses sitting on the shelf make the later lots appear somewhat “safer”. Indeed, the less this product is used the safer it is for everyone. I tested the effect of the decline in demand by scenario modeling. This has a small effect on the lots at the end of the graph – they are in fact somewhat more toxic than they appear. The overall conclusion does not change, however – there is statistically significant and very large difference with the extremely toxic lots in the early phases of rollout (which were also fully administered).

Pfizer issued an internal pharmacovigilance report at the end of February 2021, and this was later made available to the public via a FOIA lawsuit. It was evident from the report that Pfizer knew they were injuring and killing large numbers of people (1223 deaths, thousands of adverse events, large percentages not recovered or unknown):

Figure 3.

The steep drop-off in apparent toxicity per manufacturing lot followed from that time. Here is my educated guess of what happened: Pfizer knew their product is deadly and they did not issue any product recalls, investigated or did anything else expected from an ethical pharmaceutical manufacturer. They quietly changed the formulations, for example by dilution. They knew they were killing and severely injuring people right from the start of their product rollout in early 2021 and they KEPT DOING IT, while generating billions of dollars in revenues and profits.   


Anonymous said...

Are they making a correct interpretation regarding getting six doses out of a vial instead of five by saying it means a 20% reduction in what is injected into a person?

It seems like Pfizer says that if you use a special syringe it's possible to get six doses out of the vial, but otherwise it is just five. I don't think they are saying to simply inject people with 20% less. From what I can see, they aren't changing how much mRNA is used.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

The mfr must always leave a little extra in the vials for loss getting it into a syringe and then pushing out the air bubble.

So the volume remained unchanged but 6 doses could be eked out of each vial

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