Friday, August 12, 2022

Evidence keeps surfacing that the federal government initiated media companies' censorship and chose targets

Alex Berenson has said that he has evidence the White House itself selected him as a target.

The information below includes documents showing how CDC worked with social media to impose censorship.  Didn't the federal brain trust know that emails leak and what they were doing was unlawful?  These people assumed they were untouchable.  Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

It is also necessary to recognize that the primary purpose of the medical industry is no longer the “art of healing”, it has become a financial instrument benefiting investors.

‘We the people‘ must also recognize that the Medical Industry has now been fully weaponized as a punitive system designed to process, dehumanize and control every single person in the system. Before our very eyes, we have seen up close how mere biological existence is criminalized by that system.

Though the story of the fraudulent "Covid Pandemic" is nearly over, the sorcery that created it has not been exorcised.
The urgent message that we must take from these past two years is that we are under sustained psychological warfare and have been for quite some time.

We won’t have truly won until it is universally established that Medical Freedom is not a negotiable commodity controlled by state bureaucrats, political opportunists or the medical cartel.

Nothing has been won until the ideology that the state controls our bodily autonomy has been thoroughly repudiated.

This story is not finished until the individuals and institutions that deceived the public and censored and persecuted dissenting voices over the past two and a half years are publicly held accountable, prosecuted and imprisoned.

This fight is not over!