Monday, August 1, 2022

CDC changes its messaging after I caught them out on their moneypox vaccine lies

Here are a few of the lies they have backed off:

1.  As of July 28, CDC has ceased claiming the monkeypox vaccine(s) is 85% effective.  It now admits it does not know its effectiveness.

2.  CDC has stopped strongly encouraging the OFF LABEL use of moneypox vaccine post-exposure. But they say the vaccine is for "use against" smallpox and monkeypox, not "prevention" of those conditions--again playing around with the definition of a vaccine.

Even though the incubation period for monkey pox averages 8-12 days, CDCstill  says you can trying getting vaccinated up to 2 weeks after a possible exposure. They are now telling the truth, which is that the vaccine is only approved as a two dose series and it is licensed as effective only 2 weeks after the second dose, which is 6 weeks after starting the series.  There is no data to support post-exposure prophylaxis, which is OFF LABEL use.  [You know, just like using ivermectin or HCQ for COVID off label.]

3.  CDC finally admits that everyone getting vaccinated is a guinea pig in a big experiment, since the vaccine has never been tested in humans for its proper, labelled preexposure use.

4.  However, CDC still OMITS what it knows about the dangers of these vaccines, information it provided to its advisory committee a mere month ago.  ACAM 2000 vaccine causes myocarditis in one in every 175 recipients.  And Jynneos seems to cause myocarditis too, as well as making HIV worse, according to the FDA review issued when the vaccines was licensed in 2019.  We just don't have the Jynneos statistics to say often these problems occur, but in one study more than one in 6 subjects had elevation of cardiac enzymes, which requires some heart muscles cells to die.

Below is the new CDC messaging.

What You Need to Know
  • Two vaccines may be used for the prevention of Monkeypox virus infection:
    • JYNNEOS (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex), licensed (or approved) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the prevention of Monkeypox virus infection, and
    • ACAM2000, licensed (or approved) by FDA for use against smallpox and made available for use against monkeypox under an Expanded Access Investigational New Drug application.
  • In the United States, there is currently a limited supply of JYNNEOS, although more is expected in the coming weeks and months.
  • There is a larger supply of ACAM2000, but this vaccine should not be used in people who have certain health conditions, such as a weakened immune system, skin conditions like eczema or other exfoliative skin conditions, or pregnancy.
  • No data are available yet on the effectiveness of these vaccines in the current outbreak.
  • The immune response takes 14 days after the second dose of JYNNEOS and 4 weeks after the ACAM2000 dose for maximal development. People who get vaccinated should continue to take steps to protect themselves from infection by avoiding close, skin-to-skin contact, including intimate contact, with someone who has monkeypox.
  • To better understand the protective benefits of these vaccines in the current outbreak, CDC will collect data about adverse events and vaccine effectiveness, including whether the vaccine protects a person differently depending on how they were infected with Monkeypox virus.


Anonymous said...


'23 infants hospitalized in Tennessee for Parechovirus, CDC warns'!

“Though parechovirus (or PeV) is common among children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old, it can be more severe for infants, causing sepsis-like illness, seizures and meningitis or meningoencephalitis, the CDC said.“

“Among the 23 cases, 21 infants recovered without complications, the CDC said. Of the remaining two, one child could be at risk of hearing loss and BLOOD CLOTS, while the other could be at risk of severe developmental delay, the CDC report found.”

One “preterm infant — started symptoms in the NICU, the CDC said in its report.”

*"How many of them were "born to mother’s who had the vaccine"!!! This is an important question that deserves to be answered!"*

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'We are in dire need of Judge "Roy Bean", right now!'!

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Here's the state of the art facility where testing Swabs come from!