Wednesday, August 31, 2022

I will be live-blogging the ACIP meeting to rollout the new covid boosters Sept 1-2. The boosters that have never been injected tinto humans will arrive at a clinic near you next week

The meeting runs from 10 am-5 pm EDT Sept 1 and 10 am-noon on Sept 2. 

Keep a barf bag at the ready.

As usual, my application to speak during the public comment period was rejected.


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Needle and the damage done

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I really like your live blogs on these meetings - it helps see through what they are claiming.

Regarding vaccine injuries perhaps being at least a partial cause of long covid, this is something S. Korea just published. Their data shows that adverse events from the shots have dropped by a huge amount:

In particular, look at the Moderna trend line in the last few weeks of 2021 - there was a huge decrease in reported problems.

The original source is here:

(Download the attachment on that page and go to page 6.)

Did they fix a manufacturing problem?

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Forecast for September 2022. The remaining sea ice will play a crucial role in the course of next winter » Severe Weather Europe

Debating Arctic ice decreasing effects on planet go to cool short video 

Long-term evolution of sea ice extent and temperatures in the Arctic
see in ~20,000 in 1980s to trend current years ~12,500 along with ice thickness reported 
at ~2 ft in 1980s to current ~1.5 ft. Unless explanation for rather dramatic drop in short time frame trending looks certainly issues of significance? Could be Covid related? Regardless of those who say no no nothing to see unless explanation for trending direction that is significant even when trends back some overall trend is extremely lower over short interval from 1979?

Reversal of the Magnetic Poles? | Air & Space Magazine| Smithsonian Magazine

Helpful maps to find safe zones after Pole Shift in video - Strange Sounds

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