Tuesday, August 16, 2022

August 15 Covid deaths, hospitalizations and ICU stays

This is just another update from the CDC and NY Times.  Remember that the CDC websites now lists deaths "with COVID" and has no category of deaths due to COVID. Those hospitalized are also "with" COVID not necessarily "due to" COVID.

What is obvious is that COVID cases in the ICUs have been at pandemic lows since last March.  And deaths have been at near pandemic lows since the start of May.



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"$2.8 million 'bribe payment from Pfizer to FDA?' for their Bioweapon “approval”. You’re not supposed to know that. Look the other way." Govt/FDA now saying it was an Application Fee? lol




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*VERY HOT*! ''SIMILAR TO IVERMECTIN'' 'Early Treatment'!

'On Monday 25 July, China approved the use of the drug “Azvudine” to treat “normal” – i.e. non-severe – forms of Covid-19'.

Manufactured by the Chinese laboratory Genuine Biotech, the originality of the treatment lies in the fact that it is 'initially used against HIV'. Are we to understand that history is proving the late Professor Montagnier right, as Gérard Guillaume predicted?
At the beginning of July, while the laboratory reported good results against “normal” forms of the infection, Azvudine was initially rejected by the Chinese government because it could not treat severe forms. Eventually, the National Medical Products Administration gave a conditional green light to treat adult patients with “normal type” Covid, as reported by the British news agency Reuters. ''Azvudine, taken orally and 'used early', has some similarities to Ivermectin'', another drug that has struggled to win the favour of health authorities.

However, Genuine Biotech’s treatment has one major difference: it is initially used against the AIDS virus, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). However, as early as 2020, Professor Montagnier supported the 'hypothesis that Covid-19 had been manufactured in the laboratory', in particular with 'HIV sequences': “It’s not natural, it’s the work of a professional, a molecular biologist, a sequence watchmaker. For what purpose? One of my hypotheses is that they wanted to make an AIDS vaccine,” he explained in August of the same year, after conducting his own research.


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DOJ Investigation FAQs Teri Kanefield