Monday, June 13, 2022

The American Rescue Plan and the Tyranny it Demands

A friend wrote this interesting piece, which helps to reveal another aspect of how the federal government managed to obtain the compliance of essentially every US jurisdiction.  It further reveals how very large federal grants enforced policies that under normal circumstances would have required a legislative process, public comment period, etc.  But by making new policies conditions of grants, normal procedures for making rules and laws were simply bypassed.

Another thing that happened was that some of the large federal grants came in stages, in which entities receiving the grants had to agree to comply with policies that would only be specified in the future, when later stages of the grant were rolled out.

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is a multifaceted funding plan that serves as a Trojan horse for tyrannical measures. The ARPA funds have been allocated for every state. Acceptance of these funds requires each locality to blindly follow and implement all CDC guidance. CDC guidance has thus far been just that - recommendations to be used as general guidelines, not law. States, cities, and counties have not previously had to implement CDC guidance without legislative process. However, acceptance of the ARPA funds requires adherence to the CDC guidelines as mandatory without due legislative process. If the terms of compliance are not met, the funding is terminated. The ARPA funds are contingent on implementation of various programs and policies that typically would not be accepted by elected officials.

In this post we will review some of the funding granted to Fairfax and Loudoun counties. In all of the grants provisions measures are in place to ensure the schools are integrated into to requirements. There are set expectations that include implementation of 5G in classrooms, social emotional learning (CRT) and all recommendations for masking/vaccination mandates from the CDC.

The most pertinent concerns with schools

On April 30th, 2021, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) sent superintendents a letter informing them about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) & Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER 111), whereby the Federal Government plans to give to Virginia $22 million in funds. The deadline for schools to submit their Health and Safety plans was July 30th, 2021.

  1. Requirements to get this money to pay for after school programs, enrichment programs, etc. is to open Public schools following CDC "guidelines" to create "unity" across the USA. States and Public School Districts are to update their "policies" every 6 months or when the CDC changes policies. (Private Schools don't need the money so they may or may not be included)

  2. School Superintendents accepting the grants were told by the CDC to "seek public comments" but as long as they have accepted funds, they are required to follow CDC guidance no matter the input from parents.

  3. These policies currently include: universal masking, physical distancing, contact tracing, isolation & quarantines, diagnostic testing before return, and WILL INCLUDE providing Vaccines to school communities and incorporating a public safety nurse for administration in each school.

  4. Schools also have a reporting system which requires reporting that includes sharing "data" on the children.

  5. Policy, programs and mandatory guidance will evolve with the continued funding.

Concerns for State, County and Local Governments

Each county that accepts funds will also be required to adhere to the provisions of the grant and accompanying agency standards. HHS and CDC recommendations for state/county/governmental agencies will be mandatory for receipt of funds. These funds must be spent, accounted for and reported back to the issuing authority. Failure to comply with the outlined provisions results in termination of funds and possible refunds to the issuer. In summary, acceptance and retention of the American Rescue Plan Funds is conditional on full compliance with any and all CDC recommendations. This includes implementation of recommended medical mandates...

Go here for the full article.

And below you can see how the federal government tries to enforce its will on unruly states.  Oklahoma also refused to enforce the federal healthcare worker mandate, and was also threatened with withdrawal of funds.

Feds Withhold $1.2M as Florida Refuses to Enforce COVID Vaccine Rule for Healthcare Workers

SunSentinel reported:

As Gov. Ron DeSantis fights COVID-19 vaccination passports and mandates — most recently by threatening the Special Olympics with a $27.5 million fine — there’s one mandate he can’t stop.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is enforcing a federal vaccine requirement for healthcare staff that offers only medical or religious exemptions. The rule, which the U.S. Supreme Court validated in January, contradicts a state law that requires employers to offer broad exemptions that are not allowed by CMS.

Though the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration has vowed not to monitor or report whether Florida healthcare facilities are following the requirement, that isn’t stopping the federal government from checking. CMS required 100% of eligible Florida healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption by Feb. 28.

CMS has reduced Florida’s federal allocation of survey and certification funding by $1.2 million and will pay contractors to check if healthcare facilities are following the law, which would typically be the state’s responsibility, a CMS spokesperson said. The agency plans to cut funds to non-compliant states in future years until they start overseeing the vaccine requirement, a Feb. 9 memorandum said.

Brock Juarez, communications director for the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration, in a Thursday email said the CMS moves do not change the agency’s policy. “1.2 million dollars is a small price to pay to protect the freedom of healthcare workers,” he wrote.


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Naomi Wolf: FDA Turned A ‘Blind-eye’ Towards ‘Thousands Of Adverse Effects’!

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'Robert Kennedy Jr: CDC is a privately owned Vaccine Company'!