Friday, June 10, 2022

Is the US/NATO muscle going to be sidelined by a multipolar world? Will debtor nations refuse to pay up in the current climate of inflation and privation?/ Dr. John's blog

Another goodie from Dr. John Day:


I agree with the first part, but the second part remains to be seen. Maybe "Asia" is not such an entity. Maybe the future really will be distributed and "multipolar".

 Zuesse points out the assassination attempt against Turkey's President Erdogan in 2016, carried out by US-aligned Turkish military officers. Russia saved him at the last minute. The NATO-member veto on new members being approved prevents further NATO expansion while Erdogan lives and cooperates with Russia. It largely incapacitates NATO, since Turkey is in a critical position, controlling black Sea and Mediterranean access, and pipeline transit routes to Europe.

  Zuesse does not bring up that Turkey stands to have a much elevated position in a new Eurasian world-economic-order, firstly since it will be able to repudiate it's vast $US denominated debts, but also because Turkey is likely to be less frequently insulted, and given better consideration than the US does. In a new regime, Erdogan clearly sees growth potential for Turkish power and influence.

  In the near term, a hobbled NATO will not act as global enforcer. In the longer term, the $US slipping in global reserve-currency utility will cut funding for the global American military project. This summer, with the shortages of food and oil, and the $US being more expensive for debtor countries, Western finance seemingly plans to extract the wealth producing assets from more countries, and enforce austerity on their starving citizens, replaying the Asian Economic Crisis, though this is an ancient financial grab. Banks make loans for interest, but they really want to take the collateral/property..."

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Anonymous said...

USA Taxpayer Billions for Ukraine while America could have used that Funding?

'U.S. Troops arrive in Poland to reinforce Eastern Europe allies'!

May we get bogged down in Ukraine, and then China moves on Taiwan?

Democrat controlled US House would not give Trump any money to Build the Wall?

Now we have Open Borders, Towns in Maine over whelmed with Bidens, and Dems new arrivals?

Increased sudden deaths in those under #40, Inflation, Supply Chain, Food Prices, Elec Blackouts, Stock Market, Housing Markey, Etc, Etc, may their be more to the story? Or just Biden Admin Incompetence?

Something Strange Is Going On As MSM Confirms 'Healthy Young People Mysteriously Dying': What Changed? ‘Check For Causation With New Medical Interventions Over The Last 2 Years’