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Before It’s Too Late, Before You Jab Your Little One …

Please send this to anyone you know who is planning to give these shots to their children as early as, June 21, 2022.

If you have more relevant information, please post in comments and I may edit it in.

Once you get your child injected with a potentially life-altering, experimental mRNA genetic manipulation you cannot undo it. You may trust the CDC, the FDA, your doctor, the school nurse, NPR, all mainstream media, your friends and family.

As Ronald Reagan said about the Soviet Union, “Trust but verify.”

Don’t take our word for it, or theirs. Check out the information below and come to your own conclusions.

What you don’t know can hurt your child.  Many suffering and grieving parents wish that they had been forewarned.

Children are incapable of informed consent.  You are.

Do not delegate your responsibility to the CDC, the school nurse, the government or to anyone. They have no liability. You will bear all physical, financial and emotional consequences.  

Take a deep breath.

You owe this to your child. Brief scrutiny can prevent a lifetime of regret. Take at least an hour, a day or more to inform yourself before you do something irreversible.

Judge for yourself. Be curious.

Before it’s too late - watch this superb edition of CHD’s Friday Roundtable, at least the first half hour

Toby Rogers explains misrepresentation of weak, troublesome data to make the Covid spikeshots appear necessary, safe, and effective.

Naomi Wolf describes shocking revelations from Pfizer’s own data as well as the dangers to pregnant women, nursing mothers, fetuses and infants, as well as manipulation of data to hide the harms, including the dangers of lipid nanoparticles, polyethylene glycol, and more.

Watch this 4-minute video

BOMBSHELL: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children

Dr. Clare Craig, co-chair of the HART group of highly respected independent doctors and scientists, explains the clinical trial that was used to justify vaccinating our kids. She was appalled.


1.    You don’t have to be first in line. These Covid spikeshots were tested on very few little ones followed for a very short time. Wait for more evidence before injecting your child.

2.    Make sure that you are truly, fully, deeply informed before jabbing your kid There is no downside t this.

3.    Screen your child for natural immunity. It is estimated that a very high percentage of children already have natural immunity. People with natural immunity have the best protection possible, and are at higher risk for adverse reactions if they get Covid shots they don’t need.

4.    Children have great innate immune systems and are usually able to clear virus quickly and efficiently with few, mild or no symptoms. They are not little adults. If necessary, there are effective early treatments. The best defense against any virus is a strong, healthy immune system.

5.    Independent scientists and doctors are picking up signals regarding future fertility. Girls are born with all their eggs. The spike proteins lodge in highest concentrations in ovaries, as well as in other organs.

6.    400+ children who reportedly died with Covid, did not die from Covid. They had other serious diseases like leukemia. This number is repeated all over the media to frighten you into getting your child jabbed. Healthy children have virtually zero chance of dying from Covid.

7.    Don’t believe propaganda. One example: They say these shots will “prime children’s immune systems.” They are already primed by nature. The shots can damage their immune systems for life. There are endless deceptive messages to get you to jab your kid.

8.    Do not act under pressure or be controlled by fear. Not from authorities, peers, or your children’s peers. You will bear all consequences, potentially for the rest of your life.

9.    Challenge the reasons for making social life contingent on getting the shots. These are manipulative forms of coercion, though they seem plausible. 

10. Follow the money.

11. Don’t be a sucker. Think for yourself. Do your own investigation. Don’t submit to “groupthink.” Don’t be submissive to self-appointed authorities. Check alternative sources of information, including censored information, whistleblower testimony and independent scientists with no conflicts of interest.

12. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist. Don’t be a conspiracy denier. Be a conspiracy hypothesist. Be curious. Be open-minded. Go where the facts lead you.  Notice what is going on around you.

13. Don’t be naïve. Be mature enough to tolerate disappointment in previously trusted and admired authorities. Can you handle the truth? Remember tobacco, thalidomide, Vioxx, Paxal, Tamiflu, Belviq, Fen Phen, Baycol, Oxycontin, etc.? Have we even been lied onto a war?

14. Be prepared. If after informing yourself, you still choose to inject your child, prepare beforehand for all contingencies. Give them vitamin C zinc, and other immune boosting supplements. Be prepared for adverse reactions. Do NOT give your child Tylenol or acetaminophen which blocks glutathione and detoxification which makes reactions worse and can cause damage.

15. Check out FLCCC protocols on

16, Note that many countries have halted the Covid shots for children and even young adults. No other country has approved of these shots for such little ones.

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