Friday, June 10, 2022

I have to eat my words, sorta. The vaccines are being brought back to damage our smallest kids and those dumb enough to believe FDA's word that Novavax has produced an "old fashioned" shot

I wrote an extremely popular article in April.  It got over 50,000 views on Substack, and was republished by Dr. Mercola, Technocracy News and the Epoch Times.

In it, I marshalled a great deal of evidence to support the supposition that the COVID vaccines were on their way out, although I anticipated that the cabal would continue its attempt at world domination using other methods.

I believe they are seriously pulling lots of levers now, and that money pox, artificial shortages of oil, fertilizer, railway cars and baby formula are part of their plan to create economic havoc worldwide, and probably famine in the poorer regions of the world. 

However, despite many indications that they would stop pushing the COVID vaccines, including CDC's admission that 95% of Americans have partial or complete immunity--I think that FDA and CDC were subsequently given new marching orders.

Instead of letting the worthless, dangerous and unnecessary vaccines die a natural death, FDA has turned around and gone whole hog in pushing more shots.

Both Moderna and Pfizer will get a day with the VRBPAC vaccine advisory committee next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I will be live-blogging both meetings.  Two days ago, Novavax finally got its day before the VRBPAC and got the usual approbation from the carefully vetted committee, who voted 21-0 with one abstention in favor of an EUA for the new Novavax kid on the block.  The new kid also causes myocarditis, by the way.  It seems that is simply a side effect of spike vaccines, found in all 3 different COVID vaccine platforms in the US.

The Novavax shot contains a novel adjuvant, by the way, so it is not really an old fashioned shot.  This adjuvant (Matrix-M, derived from Quillaja saponaria) is not found in any other vaccines in the US. While touted as a replacement for the PEG (polyethylene glycol) lipid found in the mRNA vaccines, it is less likely to cause anaphylaxis but more likely to cause autoimmune diseases.

The protein is made from a genetically engineered virus that infects moth cells.  Using insect cells is a way to grow proteins rapidly.  There is one flu vaccine made the same way:  Flublok.  The flu shot was used to try out the insect cell platform (using fall army worms), and Voila--it was ready for showtime when COVID appeared.  How many insect and viral proteins or other molecules are being injected into you (a function of how purified the vaccine is) is unknown.

The University of Nebraska (a major site for biodefense work) spun the Novavax vaccine delicately:  moths and tree bark.  How natural.  Genetically engineered virus produces a spike protein mixed with an adjuvant (well known but never used before in an approved or authorized vaccine) that happened to be developed from a South American tree bark.  Not exactly like nature, I'd say.  Some of the most potent poisons come from South American tree frogs, which are natural but deadly.

I believe the globalists reversed course again.  They apparently had another plan; was it moneypox? but now they are back, wanting to push on with these damn COVID vaccines.  Apparently money pox is not going to send everyone out looking for yet another shot... no matter how many masks CDC asks you to wear to protect yourself from money pox, and then tells you to unwear, because according to the experts, money pox is not airborne.  Oops, the cabal is moving so fast they are getting sloppy.

Why did they have that tabletop moneypox exercise last year, and predict it would spread May 15, 2022?  Why did they add so many mutations that it had to have come from a lab?  Why did they spread it to so many countries at once, when that has never happened before?  Why did they make it so mild, so it is just an annoying rash?  Why did they mess up with the moneypox masking?

Is the cabal being undermined by its own apparatchiks now, who see where this is heading?

I forgot to remind you, but it looks like the smallpox shot (ACAM2000 anyway) causes a LOT of myocarditis.  Don't take it, thinking it will protect you from money pox (there is no valid evidence it will) and then wind up with myocarditis.  One in 30 military servicemembers getting the vaccine for the first time, one dose only, wound up with a subclinical case, and one in 220 recipients wound up with a definite case of myocarditis--about ten times more than you get from COVID mRNA shots, according to data from Kaiser (Katie Sharff paper).

So, I was wrong, and the vaccines are returning.  But Americans, unlike most Europeans, do not want the third, fourth or more shots, and they don't want them for their kids.

The more people who refuse, the less able the cabal is to impose mandates or other punishments.  Stay strong.  The shots are poison and they do not work.

I will be posting Children's Health Defense's letter to FDA on the child vaccines shortly, which is chock full of evidence of the lack of efficacy, danger and utter uselessness of these shots for COVID.  I must continue to ask:  since they don't prevent COVID, what is their purpose?  Why does the government want to inject us so badly?


Anonymous said...

"How many insect and viral proteins or other molecules are being injected into you (a function of how purified the vaccine is) is unknown."

Is this something that can be determined by analyzing one of the shots? I wish we would be doing more of our science.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the University of Nebraska. I went to college there in Omana in the late eighties and it always struck me as strange how, in that backwater country area, we were brought to professors' home one evening to meet with a CIA recruiter.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass, according to while there are over 44,000 deaths reported to EudraVigilance , there have been 0 deaths reported for the use of Novavax so far. As someone who is immuno-compromised and still concerned about getting an endothelial disease aka COVID-19, is the Novavax adjuvant that bad or just unknown? I like that it's a known quantity of ground up spike proteins and no gene therapy component to it. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The head of R+D at Novavax went to a now-defunct medical school at Oral Roberts University that got shut down because the prosperity theology evangelists meddled too much in the “whole medicine” curriculum. Fast forward to today, and Alice Walton of Walmart stole the concept and is resurrecting the program under the guise of “whole health” in order to commodify self-care and eventually push MDMA onto the masses a la 1984 and Soma.

Pay attention to whom is now leading this effort on Walton’s behalf, to whom they are married, and who else just joined the ranks alongside them:

Anonymous said...

[[ I must continue to ask: since they don't prevent COVID, what is their purpose? Why does the government want to inject us so badly? ]]

"Their" idea was never to end the pandemic, attendant states of emergency, coercions; and goals have always been to PREVENT herd, natural acquired immunity.

Your previous essay accurately stated what is happening: the death shots are going the way of the Edsel; bad news travels despite it not being reported: Too many dead bodies, sterile women, VAIDS, permanently maimed, lives destroyed.

However, whether anyone still succumbs to them is not the goal, rather, social control is.

Once we accept an as it were Mega-Mafia -- called government -- is running things in Washington, and thus come to terms with the fact this Mega Criminal organization is illegally occupying our country, then and only then can adequate means and strategy be discussed on how best to confront that they are at war with us, and rational responses.

The CDC admitted that ~200 million caught Omicron this past winter; yet this actual data was NEVER reflected on any of their charts / "dashboards".

Has anyone stopped to think about why housing market is crashing? What did the insurance company actuaries already tell us months ago -- 40% death-rate hikes?

Or why at least one in five making more than $100K per year "live paycheck to paycheck?" How is this phenomena different from ending described in Nevil Shute's On The Beach?

Lastly for now I'll say that your prediction puts in relief the disarray among the lords and masters, the predators that roam the world in search of capital accumulation.

Your previous essay, compared to what you describe now. . . demonstrates great disarray, zig-zag.

This disarray we face is function of the western oligarchs now at each others' throats, at war with one another.

Pay attention to this uncivil war; as we must pay attention to -- and better prepare for: the Mega Mafia war on the common man and woman.

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Re: analyzing the vaccine for extraneous components. I am no expert. I think you could analyze it to see if the protein forms a tight line or spreads out, indicating multiple species. Then you would have to figure out what else you were looking for, because right now we don't know exactly what to look for. Until a vaccine is licensed, the mfr and FDA have no obligation to tell you how it is made.

And there is no liability.

It is all a big mess. And how much "junk" in the vaccine is too much? Many of them contain some junk.

The novel adjuvant has been known for decades. That strongly suggests to me that if it was safe it would have already been used in a licensed vaccine.

Anonymous said...

"Why America Doesn't Trust the CDC"!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping us stay strong with all the information you provide, Dr. Nass.

I guess there is kind of a community here even though it is mostly anonymous.
This whole this is very discouraging. The power these people have and how they acquired it is frightening.

Even if Congress flips in November, Executive Orders will support the dark agenda and strategy. This is not about political party anymore. This is a deeper journey we are all on now.

Big Tim said...

Big Tim said...

Nu flu: