Sunday, June 12, 2022

How to watch the 4th Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium

My first talk on anthrax, Emergent BioSolutions and the biodefense industry starts at 2 hrs 46 minutes 30 seconds. I am also on the panel after the talk.

My second talk starts at 5 hours 35 seconds.  It is about how to win against the Great Reset.  I emphasize the need to call out the many deceitful narratives that have been used to justify the Reset agenda, starting with Global Warming.  I hope you find it interesting.  I am on a panel after this talk also. 



Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass,
I watched your second talk. I was glad you brought up the global warming/climate change narrative. This still seems to be running full throttle as the war on fossil fuel demonstrates.

Here is a link to a site I check every day. You may already know about it; others might be interested. It affirms what you said about this issue. Global cooling due to a grand solar minimum is in our future. Sun cycles repeat.

Martin Armstrong is another prominent voice who agrees with you about how Global Warming/Climate Change is being used. His blog posts are at the link below for anyone who is interested. He is worth reading.

ellen said...

Dr. Nass, please respond if you can - (Asking something for personal curiosity, and also for how to proceed in important conversations)

It's one thing to understand that the prediction models / specifics of the situation & trajectory / proposed "solutions" & narrative that there aren't other options / excuse for authoritarian control,
around climate change, (and emphasis on climate / carbon over other ways humans clearly impact the planet),

are part of a psy-op to manipulate us by fear into compliance,

+ the specifics of climate are not as the elites want us to believe,
and are not as the often well meaning activists believe.

+ *And at the same time*, there may be such a thing as human caused climate change, and negative, potentially cascading, effects of that, and need to pay attention to what's released into Earth's atmosphere.

It's very different to understand, or try to explain without a LOT of solid data, that human caused climate change is not happening at all ..(?)

It may be true that things humans rely on like fossil fuels are finite and there are, limits to growth .. but that's not reason to let private jet flying psychopaths dictate how to proceed with this dilemma.

Like with covid, it's both true that there is a virus - + disease - that can be serious for some especially if not treated early - that you even acknowledge can be spread a (or pre) symptomatically -

And at the same time, the official narrative exaggerates or lies about every aspect of covid, and tries to force "solutions" in covid's name that are excuses for authoritarian control.

You, and the FLCCC docs, and Drs Bridle and Malone and McCullough and Lawrie and others call out the bullshit that is #FollowTheScience, call out the insidious ways authoritarianism is marching forward in covid's name - while not denying that covid exists and there's reason to consider it significant.

Meeting the climate movement there, ("yes, this is real and important and also - "), some may listen (there are a lot of good people who believe climate change is urgent). That's much more possible than expecting them to even hold the thought that human cause climate change is really nothing at all.

But if that's really the case, that there is no human cause climate change, or all the things climate activists warn about are completely not true or not at all bad - how can that be proven?


Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

I am not a climate expert.
But I can read graphs of how climate has been measured since 1850 and 1 degree C increase in 170 years is nothing for most of us--though it does lead to a seawater rise.

Seawater rises and falls have occurred forever--there was much less seawater during the ice age only 10,000 years ago. The US was icy down to New Jersey! Antarctic ice is growing while arctic ice is reducing now. It was particularly cold around 1970 and it has been warming since... but very slowly.

The problem is that most data has now been corrupted so what data do you trust? I trusted the Australian numbers, and provided the URL in my talk. (Sorry about the slides)

Before we had climate change we had Peak Oil, another myth.

I just want us to exchange the myths for reality and go from there.

Right now we need to end the artificial scarcities caused/justified by the Ukraine mess.