Monday, June 13, 2022

A history of the world since 2019--DEFINITELY don't miss this article/ 

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation

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Anonymous said...

The article is problematic, in that it makes flawed assumptions about the supposed connections among Those who would control Us. Namely, the article suggests that the financial interests -- let us call them the Banksters -- and the technological interests -- let us call them the Techsters -- have been working in concert and harmonious united cause to advance their various agendas over the past several years.

The notion is attractive in its simplicity, the idea that we have a singular elite class, all of whom are agreed and aligned about the shape of the world They are creating for Us.

Unfortunately this notion obscures some significant dynamics about all the forces that are really at play here. One of the most important being, there is a concurrent titanic struggle among Them as they are in the end game of a colossal death match for supremacy over one another.

Because the Banksters generally represent the old guard, the traditional capitalists, making money the old fashioned way, mainly through accumulation and exploitation of resources, tangible assets, production and industry. On the other side are the new kids, the Techsters, challenging the old guard. The Techsters don't go the way of the fogies, no thanks pops. Rather they spin their gold from the vast nothingness of mere ideas, intellectual property, lines of computer code, media and communications, piles of word and noise, and the "information science" of genetic engineering.

The core dichotomy among the two factions is as clear as night and day. The Banksters believe in the value of skills and tangibles, the Techsters believe in the value of ideas and intangibles.

We are at a this strangely surreal moment in history where the Techsters appear poised to prevail. Yet this may yet prove to be an illusion of the Techsters own hubris. As the Russian operation in Ukraine is so brilliantly making evident, people yet need food and fuel to survive. And all the tweets on twitter will never grow a single ear of corn, nor will "likes" on social media knit a warm sweater for the cold winter to come.