Wednesday, February 2, 2022

WaPo lets cat out of bag: The Spotify "Rogan" feud is simply about artists wanting a bigger piece of the pie

Here is the first half.  I couldn't bear to read more.  We all want mo' money.  Why not be honest about it?

"The rock band Belly recently added an unusual message to its Spotify page: a green, black and white banner ordering fans to “DELETE SPOTIFY.” 

The band has been frustrated for years with the streaming service and how little it pays. Now, it is rallying around major artists who have removed their music catalogues from the service over the past week to protest the spread of coronavirus misinformation on the platform.

The movement sparked by Neil Young’s telling Spotify it “can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both” is unearthing long simmering tensions between the streaming company and embittered musicians. Young was followed off the platform by Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren, the frontman of the rock band Grin and a member of both Crazy Horse and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. They cited Rogan’s popular podcast, where the comedian has questioned whether young people need to get the coronavirus vaccine. 

Belly wanted to join the movement and remove its music from the service, too, but it cannot under its current contracts. Instead, the band put up the banner. “It’s the smallest gesture we could make, but when you don’t have a lot of tools in your toolbox to conquer the giant, you’re going to do what you can,” bassist Gail Greenwood said.

For musicians who have been complaining about Spotify’s business model for years, their problem with Rogan is just the tip of an iceberg.

On Monday, Grammy-award winning R&B singer India.Arie pulled her music from Spotify, citing Rogan’s “language around race” but also noting that the company pays artists “a fraction of the penny” while spending a reported $100 million for exclusive rights to Rogan’s podcast..."



Anonymous said...

At doom’s doorstep It is 100 seconds to midnight
1 year ago
The author states, “Some patients may consider it too risky to take a novel vaccine that has such strong liability protections. An officially approved vaccine could go a long way toward alleviating people’s concerns.”

But even with a license, Covid-19 vaccines will still fall under the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP). Manufacturers will still have their liability waived. And parties injured by vaccination will only be allowed to apply for damages to the CICP program, which has so far paid out to only 8% of claimants, has a $250,000 cap, does not pay attorney fees, and has no real appeals process. An HHS administrator decides whether HHS will pay the claim, or not. There is no possibility of getting a CICP claim into a courtroom and in front of a judge.

While I strongly favor Covid vaccines continuing clinical trials until they can accumulate sufficient evidence to apply for an unrestricted vaccine license, the lack of manufacturer liability and the CICP’s administrative process will continue to weigh heavily against injured claimants, licensed or not.


Cesar Santaella, DSc
1 year ago
An emergency use authorization for COVID-19 vaccines issue by FDA is just a way to avoid possible liabilities related to the widespread use of such a weapon to combat the pandemic. Nevertheless, I believe it is a matter of individual consciousness, each one should ask oneself if he or she accepts to take the risk of exposing oneself to potential long term unexpected side-effects in order to protect other human beings and end this crisis.


1 year ago
Misguided. EUA is an excellent and timely tool for getting at risk populations vaccinated – 1000+ deaths a day certainly is an emergency – why was this completely unacceptable fatality rate not mentioned? All of the above arguments are appropriate for the vaccination of the general population – these companies should pursue parallel regular approvals for these vaccinations and they should not be recommended for the general populace until they have been approved via one of the regular ways. The timing also matches the supply availability for general administration.

Anonymous said...

PROJECT VERITAS: Louisiana Department of Health 'Whistleblower Claims Covid Cases Inflated for Profit!'

Anonymous said...

I looked at a band that produced better music than Neil Young, which is AC/DC.

Their song Thunderstruck had a billion views on YouTube, resulting in a payment of $8 million.

On the other hand, Rockin' in the Free World received 8.6 million views for a payment of $68,800.

(On YouTube, a stream is worth $0.008).

Spotify pays less - $0.003 - but it's not like it will make a whole lot of difference. The problem is that almost no one wants to listen to him.

Anonymous said...

"My problems are all fabricated"

The story of Emily Skala, principal flute at Baltimore Symphony Orchestra since 1988.

Fired in August, for posting online the dangers of covid shots.

All the big media stories about this lied to their readers, and worse, talked as if she had done something wrong. . . the narrative.

Dr. Nass faces exact same executioners.

Having studied classical music and being accepted into a top conservatory out of high school, I can attest to the need to practice four and more hours every day to perform at the level great musicians such as Ms. Skala do.

And she got sacked. As they sacked Dr. Nass.

For no reason.

A friend of mine in Mass., also a flutist, early 60s, lost her teaching job at a Boston music academy, for not getting the shots.

My brother, a logger, contracted the virus last year from a now ex-friend, that was fully "vaccinated". . . who purposely coughed on him.

My industrial arts teacher from high school, fully Vac'd, dead of covid pneumonia.

My mother, who had contracted the virus and recovered, placed in a NH nursing home; my sister unbeknown to me, had her vaxxed--and she died of heart disease.

Marine Major Joseph Murphy says SARS CoV-2 is actually a bat virus, called SARSr CoV-WIV, that escaped in August 2019, and that the EcoHealth/Peter Daszak business that got the $14M grant [from NIH?] did not stop this aerosolized spraying of bats, to vaccinate them until April 2020.

Murphy in Aug. & Sept. 2021 said IVT and Hydroxy are only cures; that the mRNA shots either harm people and/or give them the virus. That mRNA shots contain the same dangerous spike protein as the bat virus, that escaped, that created the "pandemic" and therefore military must "abort" plans to vac US military

Leaked documents say the aerosolization to vaccinate the bats . . . was being tested near Palo Alto California Research Center bat caves; and in Wisconsin. That the escape, where ever it happened [USA? CHINA? other?] -- the bat vaccine was still being perfected as it were.

"We are requesting $14,209,245 total funds for this project across 3.5 project years."

Vaccinate bats -- "aerosolization via prototype sprayers designed for cave settings. . . We will use. . .wild bats in US caves to trial delivery. . .will conduct initial protype trials on US cave bats. . .then develop the prototype to a form that will be used for the proof-as-concept demonstrations at the test sites in the Kunming bat caves, Yunnan, China."

"There is minimal risk associated with human exposure to the fluid containing MPs" or micro particles, the spray/aerosolization of the bat vaccine.

According to Murphy: "initial escape in August 2019" of "likely a live vaccine not yet engineered to a more attenuated state that the [ecohealth/daszak]sought to create. . .it leaked and spread rapidly because it was aerosolized. . .The reason the disease is so confusing is because it is less a virus than it is engineered spike proteins hitch-hiking a ride on a SARSr-Cov quasispecies swarm." [program "was shut down in April 2020"]

"The intent was to perform this task against humanized mice and then 'batified' mice. Instead, it was done with the world's population."

Anonymous said...

Eratta / corrections. Live bat vaccine; not virus. My apologies.

The above post should instead read:
According to US Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, Marine Major Joseph Murphy says SARS CoV-2 is actually or may be: a LIVE bat VACCINE! — called SARSr CoV-WIV [WIV=Wuhan Institute of Virology].

That this LIVE bat VACCINE, that escaped in August 2019 during research and testing this LIVE bat VACCINE; and that the EcoHealth/Peter Daszak business that got the $14M grant [from NIH?] did not stop this aerosolized spraying of bats, to vaccinate them, until April 2020.
According to Murphy: “initial escape in August 2019” of “likely a live vaccine not yet engineered to a more attenuated state. . ."

He is saying the world got virus from a live bat vaccine.