Saturday, February 26, 2022

Health Freedom Defense Fund--I've been remiss in not featuring this fabulous organization before

Leslie Manookian, an extremely knowledgeable and brilliant lady who made the film "The Greater Good," has taken on highly strategic litigation to stop the Covidian takeover.  Below she talks about several important recent events.  Consider supporting her organization "Health Freedom Defense."

February 22, 2022

Updated Homeland Security Bulletin Declares War on Critical Thinking

In many quarters, the hypothesis is now being formulated that we are experiencing the end of a world, that of bourgeois democracies founded on rights, parliaments, and the separation of powers, and that this is giving way to a new despotism that, as regards the pervasiveness of control and the cessation of political activity, will be worse than the totalitarianism that we have known before. 

On February 7th, 2022 the Department of Homeland Security issued a new bulletin, defining what it considers to be the “primary terrorism-related threats” to the United States. This directive replaced their previous directive which was set to expire on February 8th. 

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Scotland To Halt Publishing COVID Data Based On Vaccination Status

On February 17th, the Glasgow Times reported that Public Health Scotland will no longer publish Covid data based on vaccination status over concerns the data is being misrepresented by “anti-vaxxers”.

This change, of course, comes as a surprise given that Scotland has had remarkably comprehensive and clear Covid-19 data over the past year. 

As can be seen in this graph, Table 15, found on page 47 of the report, the rates of death are notably lower in the unvaccinated. In the four weeks measured from January 4th-February 8th, only 61 out of the 476 deaths were unvaccinated.

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An Appeal to Those Who Hurl the “Anti-Vaxxer” Slur - Video

To those of you who call those who question the safety of injections anti-vaxxers and dismiss them as crazies, I’d like to invite you to consider that we’re not anti-anything, we are pro safety, pro-health, pro-freedom – in the same way, we want safe water, food, cars, etc.

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced first or second hand the damage that has been caused by these supposedly safe and efficacious medical interventions. The truth is, we’ve done our research and know that a wise person questions the products made by a company that demands liability protection for those products. 

We’ve done our homework and understand that there’s a revolving door between health agencies and the pharmaceutical industry they are supposed to regulate. 

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Support H.R. 5816, National Informed Consent Exemption (NICE) Act

HFDF commends Rep. Gohmert for introducing the NICE Act and we encourage all of you to show your support as well.

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Check out our brand new website with additional Resources, case information and legal documents for all HFDF lawsuits,  and a Take Action page with HFDF memes and graphics you can share on social media (and more resources in the works!)

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