Friday, February 4, 2022

Children's Health Defense will post my live blog of the CDC's Advisory meeting today

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Anonymous said...


The CDC is finally recognizing 'natural immunity' — legislators should follow suit!

'Similarly, those who had a previous infection and 'remain unvaccinated' are also highly protected against serious 'omicron disease'.

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'British government admits that vaccines have damaged the natural immune system of people who have received a double vaccination'!

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Thank you for Yeoman work blogging this today Dr. Nass.

The man on the moon would conclude that a "need" for: shot #2 was an admission that VE was always sketchy with Pfizer/B and Moderna; and the narrative when rolled out Dec. 2020 was: these bran spankin' new shots need two dosage. W T F.

In fact, they had an idea this was junk and deadly; and wanted to not only sell as many shots as possible quickly; but also to keep the VE from plummeting so quickly and thus sold the corrupt regulators, that is CDC and FDA, this happy horse sh*t. And government regulators pretended and went along with the charade.

I heard a question from the public at today's meeting, asking: what the data was for interval between shot 1 and shot 2, during trials that resulted in the 2020 EAUs.

A Moderna official said they had data for up to six weeks and that the VE was the same as after a month interval between shot #1 and shot #2, as it was for six weeks.

That told me that the trials showed VE tending towards zero after only six weeks for Moderna.

This is all so bestial.

The pertinent question and/or observation Dr. Nass posed at time and after EAUs -- why did the US government purchase 8 full doses? . . . should now be perfectly obvious.

Keep shooting up the population every few weeks to make it always appear VE was somehow not a total failure.

25,000 dead -- after covid shot deaths later -- reported to the CDC/VAERS, partly put a wrench into that.

There was more than 100 that died after the first covid shot in the first month they began shooting up people in Dec. 2020, VAERS data indicates.

And now it appears, according to information from Sen. Ron Johnson, relying on USMC Major Joseph Murphy: this novel coronavirus was in fact an "escaped" bat vaccine, compliments Peter Daszak and EcoHealth. And it was known the spike protein was the killer in those bat vaccines and that this same killer used in Moderna and Pfizer/B mRNA shots. And that they not only did not work, or more on point, could not work -- they were not even working on the bats being inoculated; and early treatment was key and that was IVT and Hyroxy.

List of top five after vax deaths, by type according to VAERS:
Death COVID19 VACCINE 25,036


Anonymous said...

Stop the Mandates, the Passports, the Inoculation of children, all of it.

Pfizer’s recent 6 month report on their COVID-19 inoculation contained a bombshell. Or rather, the data buried deep in their Supplementary Appendix did. According to Pfizer’s own clinical trial data after 6 months, 'not only do their inoculations fail to prevent illness and death, there is actually more illness and death among the inoculated than among the placebo group.'

This is game changing, because results from a randomized control trial can’t be brushed off and ignored. It’s not real world data that can be manipulated. It’s not opinion, conjecture or modeling. 'It’s what is called Level 1 Evidence' - the highest form of scientific evidence there is. And governments who have enacted mandates, passports, and vaccines need to be informed that they are causing harm.

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Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad‐spectrum antiviral property of Ivermectin, benefiting for COVID‐19 treatment!

John said...

Letter: My experience with Meryl Nass

February 1, 2022

I am a recently retired clinical social worker. I worked for many years with Dr. Meryl Nass at MDI Hospital. In the course of those years, I had a chance to observe her clinical skills, in day-to-day consults, finding her to be an impeccable MD. Her clinical skill set is second to none, being incredibly well researched and up to date on all the latest medical studies and trials. She always covered and discussed all options regarding her patients. I found her to be admirably diligent and highly ethical in all matters related to our work together concerning mutual patients.
Recently, I opted to seek out Nass, choosing to utilize her experience and skills regarding the pandemic and its challenges. She was instrumental in helping to provide me with critical early treatment when I contracted COVID-19 in mid-October. Nass prescribed key medication during this time.
These medications were truly life saving for me. I had a really bad case of the   COVID viral pneumonia. Despite that, I am quite convinced that her early interventions and timely prescriptions saved my life and limited my hospitalization to a brief two-hour emergency room visit. At every step of this challenge, Nass was extremely thorough. She discussed all the options available to combat this virus. Pros and cons were fully explored. She offered recommendations, but in the end, she allowed me to make the choices I felt were best for my needs.

Daniel Lorey

lynnbrad said...

thank you, daniel lorey. glad they printed this.