Sunday, February 20, 2022

Justin Trudeau, Klaus Schwab, and the infiltration of governments by the World Economic Forum/ Gateway Pundit

Three videos tell the tale.  Klaus Schwab bragged about infiltrating the Cabinets, but when a member of Parliament in Canada asked which members of the Canadian Cabinet were WEF graduates (we already know about Trudeau and Freeland), not only was his audio cut off, but another MP accused him of spreading MISinformation.

That word is a necessary part of the totalitarian agenda.  (It is even used several times by CDC spokespeople in today's NYT.  When asked why CDC doesn't make public its data, one of the excuses is that antivaxxers will use it for misinformation.)

See the videos and read the story here.


Anonymous said...

'Reality Honks Back' Canada!

Anonymous said...

"Queen Of England being treated with Ivermectin, #19 SEC Mark!"

Anonymous said...

#3MIN:32 Sec Mark: Queen Elizabeth Covid#19 Treatment Ivermectin 'Stromectol'?

OldLeonB said...

Thank you for sharing this great article with us, Dr. Nass. So glad that more people are finding out about the WEF and their rotten ways.

We get to hear (and see, in Trudeau's case — and why do I keep typing "Turdeau"? — "Merkel," "Putin," "Trudeau," "Argentina," "in France now, with the president, who is a Young Global Leader" — Macron) these names straight from the horse's ass's mouth.

Interesting correlation between WEF alumni and how harsh their countries have been during COVID! That includes the Prime Minister of New Zealand:

Then there's our oh-so-responsible and responsive Secretary of Transportation, who stayed on family leave when supply-chain issues kicked in: