Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Connecticut Governor ENDS COVID vaccine mandates today

To my Governor, Janet Mills, every day you delay lifting the mandates the more votes you lose in November.  It will have to be done, and soon.  Do it now.

You claim to be leading us on a "New Direction for Maine."  It requires a U-Turn, Janet.

And stop blaming the hospitals for the healthcare worker mandates.  Everyone knows by now the vaccines don't work, and are causing an awful lot of injuries.  Ask Senator Lujan, from New Mexico, whose stroke ceded the Senate to the Republicans until he returns or gets replaced.  Or ask Gavin Newsom what happened after his booster.  The shots never made any sense but you ate them up.  Time to spit them out now.

The longer you delay, the more votes you lose.  Your choice.


Anonymous said...

Gov. janet mills is corrupt and stupid. She has the backing of the corrupt, primarily white, ‘local’ Maine media, who will lie on her behalf. She is a misandrist, a marxist and an environmental racist.

This is ‘AG’ mills spreading the big Russian collusion lie. This was a Penobscot Nation water rights rally. This was NOT an anti- Trump rally.

Anonymous said...

And as soon as the elections are over and if Dems win, they will lock us all down so hard we will be dreaming about how great 2020 was.

Anonymous said...

If Mills gets re-elected, Maine is done. She is a traitor to the people of Maine. Sadly, in a recent survey, almost 70% of the people think she is doing a great job protecting them. People love their prison. It may be time to move out of Maine and vote with my feet. Bye Bye Janet, you tyrant!

Anonymous said...

70%!? Source comments like that. That is nonsense. I live in Maine. I wasn’t polled.