Tuesday, February 22, 2022

California: where the most draconian vaccine mandates arise and die

 California Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Introduced


AB 1993 instructs an employer to require each employee or independent contractor to provide proof of COVID vaccination

By Chris Micheli, February 11, 2022 10:11 am against COVID-19.

But school boards in CA cannot impose COVID vaccine mandates!  That is a very good thing.  They have no medical expertise or authority.  In most states, the legislature is the entity with the legal authority to mandate vaccines.

The mandate for kids to attend school in San Diego has been struck down in a final ruling.


An ICAN-funded lawsuit has struck down the Covid-19 vaccine mandate to attend school in San Diego, California!  This is the first COVID-19 vaccine requirement in the country to be struck down in a final ruling.

ICAN’s lead attorney, Aaron Siri, and his team filed a lawsuit funded by ICAN on behalf of a parent whose child was going to be mandated to receive the Covid-19 vaccine to continue school.  That ICAN lawsuit, S.V. on behalf of J.D. vs San Diego Unified School District, was consolidated with a lawsuit filed by Let Them Choose.  Both plaintiffs moved for a final decision from the Court asking it to find that the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for students was illegal and the Judge, this morning, ruled it was illegal!  Copy of tentative decision can be read here.  The final will be released as soon as possible.

The basis for this decision, that school boards in California do not have the authority to require a Covid-19 vaccine, would apply to all school boards across California that are seeking to mandate a Covid-19 vaccine.  ICAN intends to fund lawsuits against any other school board in California that seeks to mandate a Covid-19 vaccine.

Congratulations to all the parents in San Diego, California and beyond who no longer need to inject their children with a liability-free, novel medical product in order to attend school.   And thank you for your support in making this work possible!  Without you, ICAN’s critical work would not be possible.


Steven Athearn said...

Note that the California bill requires two doses of a "vaccine authorized" by the FDA or WHO. If the article is correct, the legislation doesn't use the word "approved". The requirement therefore is to be "vaccinated" with a "vaccine" that does not meet all of the legal requirements for the "safe and effective" label - as Dr. Nass has repeatedly pointed out in other contexts.

Anonymous said...

ICAN Some Great News!

More Craziness?
Pfizer wouldn’t have made a dime off of their “Vaccine” poison had it not been for Fauci, Birx, and Redfield. You can add Collins, the FDA, and the CDC into that list too. They allowed the mass distribution of a “vaccine” with incomplete and falsified research and test data.

Why do you think they don’t want the research papers and test results released for 75 years? What Fauci et al did was criminal. It was the most heinous crime I can recall. They’ve knowingly and intentionally murdered millions of people. And it wasn’t only by pushing the “vaccine” poison. It was by demonizing the proven therapeutics so the medical establishment would stop prescribing them. And what most people don’t know is the hold Fauci has through the NIH and NIAID on the medical establishments of other countries. He holds the purse strings for research monies. He’s diabolical.

They did it for profit and control. It’s unbelievable. But that was their whole impetus. This is the biggest medical scam in US history. If there was any justice left in the US all of the players involved in this scam would be rounded up and charged for their crimes against humanity.

Fauci knew the CCP virus was manufactured in a CCP lab. He funded it.
And I believe it was intentionally released from that lab. They had an agenda that depended on world chaos. And it worked like a charm. It got Biden fraudulently into the oval office.

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooo....ALL the Anti-Jab Folks were totally CRAZY...Right??? WRONG!!!!!!! Big Pharma approves who works at the CDC and at the FDA...and they MUST Spit out their Narratives...or else, NO JOB, and their Career is DESTROYED....?
How many State/City/Private Employee's Terminated because they were not Vaxed? They thought they were in the land of the Free? Constitutionally Protected? Great Doctors Censored and Maligned.

1.) “Everyone is at Risk for Blood Clots!” – CDC and Pfizer Issue Urgent Warnings on Blood Clots Even in “The Healthiest Athletes”.


2.) 'Selected Adverse Events Reported after COVID-19 Vaccination.'


3.) 'What is Venous Thromboembolism?'


OldLeonB said...

The San Diego ruling is good news. Thank you for sharing this with us!

We're in Evan Low's district, so we're tightening our budget, saving a bit more than before, and preparing to be "retired" about 9 months from now. We're writing letters and protesting, but we have to be practical here in mostly "woke" California.

Low, his Assembly Bill coauthors, and Sen. Richard Pan are clearly on a mission. AB 1993 is this year's version of AB 1102 (https://signalscv.com/2021/08/local-legislators-denounce-bills-mandating-covid-19-vaccine-for-employment/).

Dr. Nass, if it weren't for you, I might go stone bonkers. Thank you for everything you do.

Anonymous said...

The members of these boards should be required to learn basic principles of justice in America. Maybe pass the naturalization test?If they do not know they have no business to be in that position, and if they know and break the law, well...

But if that were done there might not be compulsory schooling.