Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Medical Boards Pressured to Let It Slide When Doctors Spread Covid Misinformation/ Kaiser Health News


Tennessee’s Board of Medical Examiners unanimously adopted in September a statement that said doctors spreading covid misinformation — such as suggesting that vaccines contain microchips — could jeopardize their license to practice.

“I’m very glad that we’re taking this step,” Dr. Stephen Loyd, the panel’s vice president, said at the time. “If you’re spreading this willful misinformation, for me it’s going to be really hard to do anything other than put you on probation or take your license for a year. There has to be a message sent for this. It’s not OK.”

The board’s statement was posted on a government website.

But before any physicians could be reprimanded for spreading falsehoods about covid-19 vaccines or treatments, Republican lawmakers threatened to disband the medical board...


Tyro said...

State governments are responding to actions and statements by state medical boards that are contrary to law.

Here's a recent example, recapped by John Campbell, in which OK's AG has had to correct spurious accusations by the state's medical board concerning Ivermectin's prescription for legitimate off-label use. The board's public statements and threats against physicians have presented that as being illegal.


And this isn't the first incident, or an issue solely affecting COVID treatment. The state had launched an investigation last year in response to evidence that the board been presenting itself as a rule making body with agency powers and the legal authority that confers.

Jerm said...

While this may be seen as good news it seems a little too early to tell. From the article: 'and more specifically defined misinformation, calling it “content that is false, inaccurate or misleading, even if spread unintentionally.”' I wonder who makes the determination if something is false, inaccurate or misleading? The CDC or FDA? The medical board? Should not this be debatable between experts? From what I see the government narrative is false, inaccurate and/or misleading.

Anonymous said...

What the Corrupt FDA/Biden Admin is Planning!

"A Recurring Fountain Of Revenue": FDA Exec Admits Biden Planning ;Annual Shots, Including Toddlers'!