Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Your FDA at work: killing the demented at $56,000/year. Part of the Great Reset or the Build Back Better and Younger program?

You probably recall that nearly a year ago an FDA advisory committee voted almost unanimously not to license the new drug Aduhelm for Alzheimer's dementia.  Then FDA, with Janet Woodcock at its helm, gave the drug a license anyway.

The data showed the drug was not helpful and probably harmful.  Three members of the committee quit loudly and independently, when FDA's decision became known.  Their actions, and the publicity over this decision, are probably what sunk Janet Woodcock's promotion to Commissioner of FDA; she has been acting Commissioner since the start of the Biden administration, and faces a required termination in that position next month.  Otherwise she would probably have been a perfect pick:  an MD, a female, and a completely unscrupulous bureaucratic player who was willing to do anything she was instructed to do, even if it gave the agency a tarred reputation.

Now a bit more information has become available, and microscopic bleeding occurred in 19% of those on the drug.  It looks like a disaster.  Another remdesivir?

Brain Inflammation Seen in Four of 10 Alzheimer's Aducanumab Patients

— Details about edema, hemorrhage ARIA published


Anonymous said...

Casey Hodgkinson: 23-year-old New Zealand woman suffering uncontrollable convulsions, loses ability to walk, talk days after first Pfizer mRNA injection.

OldLeonB said...

Thank you, Dr. Nass.

I'm likely missing something here, but I downloaded the trial paper in question ( and, if I'm reading it correctly, there wasn't a significant difference in incidence of ARIA between the placebo and drug groups. If you can set me straight on the data, I'd be grateful. Thank you again, as always!

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

In the placebo group, 29 of 1076 participants (2.7%) had ARIA-E (apolipoprotein E ε4 carriers: 16 of 742 [2.2%]; noncarriers, 13 of 334 [3.9%]).

During the placebo-controlled period, 425 of 1029 patients (41.3%) experienced ARIA, with serious cases occurring in 14 patients (1.4%). ARIA-edema (ARIA-E) was the most common adverse event (362 of 1029 [35.2%]), and 263 initial events (72.7%) occurred within the first 8 doses of aducanumab

Anonymous said...

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Dr Vernon Coleman’s Wednesday Review No 3

What they don’t tell people is that some studies suggest that 20% of children with myocarditis are dead in two years and 50% are dead in five years. This is not a bit of redness on the arm. I wonder if Devi Sridhar has apologized yet.

Office for National Statistics in the UK shows that deaths among female children increased by 57% against the five year average since they were first offered the covid-19 jab.

And there is more evidence of the danger of the PCR procedures. A Luxembourg woman is said to be leaking brain fluid after damage caused by the PCR test and a girl has been photographed with blood pouring from her eye after a test.

`Why are A&E units suddenly overwhelmed?’ asks the Daily Telegraph in a leader page editorial. `Why is there such an increase in non-covid fatalities?’

Those are possibly the most stupid questions I’ve seen all year.

The answer to the first is that when there was a GP service, patients contacted their GP as a first port of call. Now that there is no GP service where else are people going to turn? Any GP of my era could tell you that a tiny proportion of patients were responsible for most of the requests for calls. The closure of the GP service is what is destroying hospitals. And it is of course all deliberate. Media commentators seem mystified by the sudden lack of GPs. The explanation is very simple. The GMC’s absurd new bureaucracy has pushed many experienced GPs into early retirement. All deliberate.

And some younger GPs seem happy to earn big money just working a 20 or 30 hour week. The jabs, by the way, have been a bonanza for doctors. Work it out for yourself. In the UK, the basic fee per jab is £12.80 but there are big extra fees for children and old people in care homes. They’re pushing three jabs per person and the average GP has around 2,000 patients under her care. So that’s £12.80 times three, times 2,000 – plus a lot of bonus payments. I reckon the average GP will make between £50,000 and £100,000 out of the covid jabs each year. On top of their £100,000 plus salary. No wonder the BMA don’t want doctors salaries revealed. And most doctors still refuse to see patients face to face unless they’re jabbing them.

These days the only way to see a doctor is to fly to America, commit a crime that gets you onto death row and then wait for the doctor to turn up to give you a lethal injection or check that you’re fit for the electric chair.

And we have a national scare, and threats of lockdowns and the need for more booster jabs to save Christmas because of a disease which might not cause any symptoms at all. It all sounds like something dreamt up by the Marx Brothers.

In addition, of course, they’re using a so-called test, that doesn’t work and never has, to assess the state of affairs. Death rates are rising but you and I know that it isn’t covid that is killing people – it’s the jabs and the fact that hospitals and doctors are no longer working properly.

Doris Johnson, the UK’s worst leader since King John, has changed the definition of `fully vaccinated’ so that only those who have had all the recommended boosters will count for entry to discos and football matches. That’ll help destroy the entertainment industry. Next step, you’re only fully vaccinated when you’ve been killed by the jabs.

Incidentally, if you’ve had two jabs but haven’t had a booster jab you are officially classified as an anti-vaxxer. So that boosts the numbers on our side of the street. We’ll be a majority soon.