Monday, November 15, 2021

Here is one of my talks in Anchorage, Alaska two weeks ago

 In a state with under 800,000 people, in two weeks, a group of very concerned citizens organized a huge event.  1200 bought tickets, and medical doctors Richard Urso, Ryan Cole, Robert Malone and myself, along with local physicians, talked ourselves out at five 3-4 hour events over two and a half days.  I flew up there not knowing what I was supposed to speak about, and I had to make it up as I went along--not my strongest suit.  But my very well spoken colleagues kept things moving, and most of the 1200 stayed for the entire event, all day, held in a rented megachurch with the best audio visual system and technician I have ever seen.  Do not judge the technical aspects, which really were superb, from this video. 


Robert Auld said...

You may have felt you were making it up as you went along, but this turned out to be a very fine talk about the campaign to suppress chloroquine drugs and ivermectin for early treatment of Covid. You are one of the most knowledgeable people on these issues, so by all means keep talking about them!

The sound was a little fuzzy, probably due to a low bit rate when the video file was encoded. No matter--content is what counts, and in that area this video gets an A+ from me. (And I'm a picky audio engineer... :-)

Anonymous said...

Is it all about $$$$ or something more?

1. There Is No Health Crisis from COVID-19
– You Have a 99.74% Survival Rate for COVID
– CDC overstated the death rate – 94% who died had art one pte existing condition

2. There Are Alternative Safe and Effective Prophylactic & Therapeutic That Work
– Ivermectin STOPS COVID-19 & Delta
Uttar Pradesh
220 Million
7% “vaccinated’
No COVID once Ivermectin Introduced

270 Million
14% “vaccinated’
No COVID once Ivermectin Introduced

100-200 Congressman and their staff Secretly Took Ivermectin

3. Natural Immunity Is The Best
– Israeli Study Natural Immunity is 26x Stronger
– CDC 143 Million Have Nature Immunity

4. The injections are harming and weakening the recipient’s immune system – creating ADE
– Israel
– Ireland
– UK
– Nee Zealand
– Vermont
– Maine
ALL Hi Vaccinated
ALL Hi Caseloads
ALL Higher for Vaxxed than Purrebloods

Read the Rockefeller Foundation “Lock Step”!

Review John Hopkins “Spandemic” exercise

Check out Event 201

This Is Not About Science

This Is Not About Public Health

This Is Not About Societal Safety

How COULD Forcing America to Take An Experimental bio-genetic device that has Killed More Americans in 11 Months Than ALL Vaccines in 30 Years For A Flu With a 99.74% Survival Rate BE ABOUT HEALTH OR SOCIETAL GOOD?


Anonymous said...

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Emory University is Training Ground for Chinese Military Scientists Linked to 'Biowarfare Research with Funding from Dr. Fauci'

Anonymous said...

'Pfizer Whistleblower Sinks Vaccine Trial Integrity.'

Anonymous said...

Very informative talk.

Last year I figured out that I needed to get my hands on HCQ. (I'm in Europe) So, I walked down the street to a pharmacy that knows me well. I asked her for two boxes and said, Dr So and So (she knows him) will give you the prescription later. This is done here quite a bit when the pharmacist knows both the patient and the doctor.

My doctor didn't say anything. So, he must have written the prescription. Yeah, that was a bit sneaky but I knew I wasn't going to get it any other way. (HCQ used to be sold over the counter here. It was made prescription only in March 2020)

Earlier this year I figured out that I also needed to get my hands on ivermectin. So, I started asking around. I finally found about 12 boxes at one pharmacy and bought them. (Now they've made ivermectin prescription only)

So, because of the limited supply I'm not my HCQ or ivermectin stash for prophylaxis. For prophylaxis I'm using Dr. Zelenko's protocol with quercetin.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that the vaccine clinics are doing the mixing themselves for these pediatric shots:

Have you seen the people working at some of these places? Do they do this with the adult shots also? If I were inclined to take this shot, which I'm not, there's no way I would trust some random nurse to do this correctly.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer Hid from Public the Number of Deaths in COVID Clinical Trials — Actual Number Was 21 Which Was 6 More than was Reported and 4 More than Unvaccinated Group..

'Large hike in Medicare premiums for 2022…!'

Anonymous said...


OSHA Suspends Implementation and Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate Pending Litigation.

Anonymous said...

Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second: analysis!

Anonymous said...

It’s been a year since Pierre Kory testified to the Senate oversight committee on October 8, 2020 during which he literally begged the NIH and FDA to review the data showing Ivermectin’s efficacy his group had already submitted.

It’s been a year and the NIH who is charged with testing FDA-approved medications to repurpose during a pandemic has done nothing of the sort.

It’s been a year and the FDA has only attempted to sabotage Ivermectin by branding it as horse medicine or just for farm animals.

It’s been a year, during which time India has effectively used Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine to essentially end the pandemic which was raging in their country of 1 billion people (Yes, it continues to be the standard treatment for Covid-19 despite media reports to the contrary).

It’s been a year during which time $3000-per-treatment Remdesivir has been shown to be completely ineffective in any way but it’s still being prescribed as the only universally available FDA approved medication to treat Covid-19.

It’s been a year, and it took less time to develop, test, manufacture, study and approve a vaccine but the FDA and NIH have failed to effectively study an existing, cheap, safe and effective medication that is available now at your local pharmacy.

It’s been a year and the only reason Ivermectin hasn’t been tested in the United States in accordance with the protocols required by the NIH and FDA is likely because they already know what the vaccine-killing, and pandemic-control-ending results will be.

Anonymous said...

At least they can claim the adverse events as Gulf War Illness.