Tuesday, November 30, 2021

People frequently ask me about detoxing from COVID vaccines or COVID. World Council for Health has taken a stab at this.

15 years ago I did a deep dive into detox for a Congressional testimony on treating Gulf War Syndrome and found there was almost no literature on it.  Detoxing from lead seemed impossible--you never get the IQ points back. There was less literature on detox from other substances. So while there is little scientific proof that anything "works," a lot of people want to try something.

Saunas, NAC, Vitamin C are general detox suggestions (and maybe other antioxidants could be added) and should be safe.  Ivermectin does help people with long COVID.

The World Council for Health has posted a website with tentative suggestions.  I hope they know more than I do.  It is a great organization, founded by Tess Lawrie, MD, PhD (or the South African equivlent of MD, which I cannot recall now.). Here is their detox page:


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First this…

“Kaci Hickox and her attorneys argue the restrictions are unnecessary because she is asymptomatic and therefore not contagious. The judge agreed that “the state” has not met its burden to show why she's a public health threat.“

"Nobody can catch this from her by being near her," says Maine Attorney General Janet Mills.


And now this…