Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Missouri Circuit Court Judicial Opinion: Unelected health officials are unconstitutionally making laws,

The Brownstone Institute wrote today about this decision of November 22, which is music to my ears.  I have been ruminating on how a CDC-sponsored package of legislation (which began as the "Model Emergency Health Powers Act" in 1999 or 2000, crafted by public health law professor Lawrence O Gostin) became the framework for a takeover of democratic government and a march to totalitarianism.  At least one judge in one little circuit doesn't think this can fly.  Let's hope this is where things start to turn around.

Here are quotes from the decision:

Plaintiffs produced ample evidence that health agency directors throughout Missouri have used the power granted to them by 19 CSR 20-20.040 to exercise unbridled and unfettered personal authority to in effect, legislate... 

DHSS regulations that permit an agency health director to create and enforce orders and take other discretionary “control measures,” which are predominantly set forth in 19 CSR 20-20.040(2) (G)-(1) and (6), are unconstitutional and are therefore invalid…

Plaintiffs presented evidence that these orders issued by health agency directors go into effect without public comment, and become effective once posted on the internet. These bureaucratic edicts are for an indefinite duration until they are removed or edited based on the opinion of the bureaucrat who wrote them…

...DHSS regulations that allow one person to make and enforce laws, and close things down with no standards other than a completely unappealable and unchallengeable “opinion” regarding public health protection...

Missouri’s local health authorities have grown accustomed to issuing edicts and coercing compliance. It is far past time for this unconstitutional conduct to stop...


Anonymous said...

Yes, a terrific ruling. As I read the article and the specific orders itemized at the end of the ruling itself, it would appear to sweep away in a single blow, *all* bureacratic edicts in all counties across the state of Missouri, over issues with respect to such things as masks, "social distancing", school quarantines, etc. Is that a correct interpretation of the ruling? Is it really as broad as it appears to be? Thank you Dr. Nass.

Anonymous said...

There Are Now 365 Studies that Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19 — Will Anyone Confront Fauci and The Medical Elites on Their Deception?

Anonymous said...

Marine to sue Wal-Mart for REFUSING to fill PRESCRIPTION for life-saving Ivermectin!

Anonymous said...

Pathologized Totalitarianism 101

Anonymous said...

Thank you

In other news

Abstract 10712 - John Campbell

Anonymous said...

Whistleblower nurse says politicians receive saline instead of mRNA jab.

Anonymous said...

Any indication heart attack issues up from ~11% ~1 in10 rising to ~2.5 in 10 25% double or triple in recent stats?

Explanations how like at recent Getty wedding in middle of SF at City Hall protocols like distancing disregarded?
Certainly Getty, who lost Anne his wife reportedly, also at risk even if vaccinated while mans to have ivermectin available
for all guests or some other treatment for certain those insiders perhaps? Trump parties similar as if no pandemic too while most
citizens through zero parties watch rich parties on boob tube? Seems no billionaires that tend older of note died of Covid?

Covid earliest vaccine resolved treatment ~2025 likely ~2030 earliest endemic more realistic resolved by vaccines?

Global debt implications with Covid if any links?

Anonymous said...


Anthony Fauci Holds Patents on HIV Component Used to Create COVID-19!

Anonymous said...

"Pathologized Totalitarianism 101 "

When is totalitarianism NOT a pathology?

Pathologizing a pathology is a pathology all of its own.

Hey, I've just pathologized a pathologized pathology :-)

Stop the madness! Seriously, please stop being so mad!

Anonymous said...

New Harvard HCW study shows recovered immunity is far stronger than vaccine protection.
None of the patients who recovered from COVID got reinfected. Not true for vaccinated patients.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday’s Conspiracy Is Today’s Medical Journal Headline: NEJM Explains How COVID Vaccines May Produce Spike Proteins that Lead to Myocarditis.

Anonymous said...

Stop the madness pls lmk who all started it? It’s. Hoax that’s going to disappear poof! Let’s gather stay between the ropes at “Insurrection Debutante Ball”?



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Anonymous said...

Pathological Covid19 Fascism

Anonymous said...

Due to the Seriousness of the New Omicron COVID Variant the Biden Admin Has Decided to Leave the US Southern Border Completely Open
The news of the Omicron variant shook the world. Joe Biden immediately banned travel from five countries in south Africa.

In fact, the Biden administration was so shaken by the news that they decided to completely leave open the US Southern border with Mexico.

Tens of thousands of illegal aliens will be crossing the US southern border in the coming days.

But please wear your face masks.