Saturday, November 13, 2021

Government vaccine mandates overreach in ways not so far considered

 1.  Mandates for millions of Americans via OSHA offer the alternative of weekly testing for COVID.  However, all COVID tests in the USA are "emergency use authorized" or EUA products, and are therefore experimental under the law.  Using the same argument I have made before, that Americans legally cannot be compelled to be experimental subjects, I believe they cannot legally be compelled to submit to experimental tests on a weekly basis.

2.  OSHA mandates also require the employer to collect the vaccination records of all employees and transmit these records to the federal government.  While hospital employees, for example, are required to submit vaccination records to their employer, as a condition of employment, it is difficult to come up with a reason why a night watchman who works outside should be required to do so. Nor should the federal government have these records without permission. The AMA Code of Ethics says,

Protecting information gathered in association with the care of the patient is a core value in health care.

The federal government tells Americans:

You hold the key to your health information and can send or have it sent to anyone you want. Only send your health information to someone you trust. 

Do you trust the US government with your protected health information? 


OldLeonB said...

Thank you for this info., Dr. Nass! These are documented betrayals that should be used by lawyers, against the AMA and the Fed., in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the unconsidered aspects of these edicts: Dr. Nass, when did it happen that employers and government agencies became entitled to our personal medical information and personal religious beliefs in the first place? In what court was it decided that we could be compelled to disclose such deeply private matters of health and conscience, upon pain of losing employment and privilege? Seriously, don't we need to back this whole conversation up a step or two, to the more fundamental violations going on?

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Yes, these fundamental questions are being asked in the courts--but not in the MSM. The public is not being educated as to what their fundamental rights are, and they seem to have slept through their disappearance. Probably schools no longer teach civics.

Anonymous said...

Having been suddenly stricken in a one two punch over the weekend like never before questioning comes down to vaccines help or hindering natural immunity, raises risks for even more severe punch that already was close to knockout punch? And now if natural immunity of sorts is at risks or what risks and how significant risks to natural immunity if have developed natural immunity if vaccine risks hindering immunity if take Covid vaccine for then risks for further extreme cases?

Don’t know if worse if vaccinated or not?

To the extent vaccine may interfere with natural immunity for Delta variant then conclude maybe more likely severe case if vaccinated?

While some data reading suggest less likely if vaccinated to have severe case dependent on if Delta variant with vaccine efficacy if low efficacy and interferes with natural immunity for those with kidney issue and initial severe tinnitus acute interesting to know if any data?

Seems not enough data, however if risk natural immunity if needed then easily conclude better to not vaccinate with risk to natural immunity from vaccine for low efficacy variants like Delta?

This may not be easily answered, except for data pointing to risks to natural immunity if vaccinated that becomes no brainer at that point if proof vaccine risks needed natural immunity better to not vaccinate for variants low efficacy and lowers natural immunity significantly as risks needed natural immunity?

If data documentation can be found to substantiate natural immunity risks or not? Currently data seems to indicate risks to natural immunity for variants not readily effected by vaccine? This could proof significant issue if years of variants needing natural immunity rendered hindered from vaccine? More info needed.

Delta variant symptoms: Hearing and balance issues and aggravated tinnitus – study
On Jun 15, 2021

A study led by Professor Colleen Le Prell’s study suggests Covid can cause hearing and balance issues while irritating tinnitus – the term given for hearing noises not caused by sounds coming from the outside world.

The virus has been shown to cause inflammation which can damage hearing and balance “pathways” in the central nervous system in a similar way to how it impacts smell and taste.

These effects can then be magnified by things such as stress and can impact people who had tinnitus before the pandemic the most.
She said: “Increases in tinnitus were associated with reports who experienced general increases in stress and anxiety reported bothersome tinnitus

In other words, participants who experienced general increases in stress report tinnitus.

Professor Le Prell also said auditory effects, particularly in patients with kidney problems. Tinnitus linked when the kidneys are not functioning properly. She said, “Old age is often accompanied by decreased renal function, and COVID-19 can cause renal dysfunction.”

The findings of the study were presented at the annual meeting of the Acoustical Society of America.