Friday, July 15, 2022

World Ivermectin Day July 23, 2022

“There’s a treatment that could save your life—but your doctor isn’t allowed to tell you about it”


Regarding whether fake science has been published to discredit ivermectin, the answer is yes it has.  Alexandros Marinos and Phil Harper have done the best reporting on this.  Check their twitter and substack articles.


Anonymous said...

I was curious about ivermectin again and did DuckDuckGo and brave searches trying to get unbiased information ( both sides) and the vast majority of the results are now Ivermectin doesn’t work - or there’s no scientific evidence it works - or the FDA recommends against its use for treating Covid. Did they conduct a bunch of flawed biased studies specifically to discredit Ivermectin?

I assume our tribe still believes in its efficacy especially when given early ? If one of my elderly parents ( vaxxed) comes down with Covid - is it worth tracking down prescription Ivermectin and the rest of a treatment protocol in your opinion ? There seems to have been a concerted effort to discredit its use. While I can see the obvious financial motive for big pharma and the corrupted government bureaucrats to do so I’m curious if any science really proves it doesn’t help.

Particularly saw mention of a Brazilian study. Was it flawed ? Set up to fail . Misinterpreted by the mainstream media ? All of the above ?

Anonymous said...

Ivermectin has to be used early and at the right dose. In some of those studies that did not happen. Also, when treating any disease, rarely is only one drug used. That includes Covid-19 and Ivermectin. Usually treatment is multifaceted and sequential depending on the patient and the disease.

As for misinterpretation by the mainstream media? No, they are colluding with Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Government; as is DuckDuckGo, unfortunately. There is enough conflicting data out there that should cause any self-respecting journalist to start asking questions, but they don't.