Friday, July 22, 2022

Get vaccinated, get sick: Ontario, Canada official data, new cases daily since May 10 by number of COVID shots received

July 21, 2022


COVID-19: How Many Boosters Should I Get?


        I hope you are able to find what you need—essential shortages are likely.

        One thing not in short supply is COVID boosters—and possibly mandates to get them.

        The promise that the vaccines would end the pandemic has proved to be a false hope. The graph below shows that in Canada the most vaccinated people experience the most cases. 



        This shows the absolute number of cases, so the reason for fewer cases in the unvaccinated could be simply that there are not many unvaccinated people left. But clearly, the “one and done” concept didn’t work, and now we might only be considered “fully vaccinated” for a few months. Worse, as epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale points out, the benefit of the vaccine could turn negative after four to eight months. In other words, you become more likely to get infected.

        If the spike protein in the prevailing strain changes, the vaccine-induced antibodies may interfere with your immunity instead of neutralizing the virus, Dr. Risch explained.

        Twice-boosted President Biden tested positive and has mild symptoms, and everyone who has been in contact with him will be informed. (The vaccine does not prevent transmission.) Twice-boosted Dr. Anthony Fauci also got COVID, was treated with Paxlovid, and had a rebound with symptoms worse than with the initial illness after completing the five-day course.

        Each and every dose carries a risk of adverse effects. A spike in cases of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) has been called “baffling,” and its occurrence post vaccination is considered to be a coincidence, according to fact-checkers. 

        Whether vaccinated or not, a patient with COVID needs treatment. Pfizer’s Paxlovid™ is the officially recommended treatment, but note the “black box” warning. The AIDS-drug component, ritonavir, can cause serious adverse effects, including death, because of interactions with many commonly used drugs. 

        Additional information (NOT INTENDED AS MEDICAL ADVICE):

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Jane Orient, M.D., Executive Director, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons,

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