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How do you know we are at war?/ Technocracy News

Thank you, Patrick Wood, for pointing out the stark truths we tripped over, but failed to see:

Climate Madness: Destroying The Enemy’s Food Supply Is An Age-Old Military Tactic Farmers have been declared to be the scapegoats of the mass formation of global warming loons and destroying food production is at the top of their list. Any nation that has bought into this madness is attacking the very means of our survival - food. The world is at war but nobody is crying out. ⁃

Ships Sit Afar: Disrupting The Enemy’s Supply Chain Is An Age-Old Military Tactic

The nation's critical supply chain consists of ships, trucks, rail and air, all of which are suffering from failures and delays. Air transport can't find enough pilots. Trains are faltering. Truckers are going out of business. Ships are stacked up waiting for port loading/unloading. While some of the problems are naturally occurring, the whole system is being pushed over the edge by climate insanity.

Chemical Warfare: Disrupting The Enemy’s Health Is An Age-Old Military Tactic

The Biden Administration is spending almost $5 billion for 171 million untested and unapproved mRNA shots this winter at $29 each to inject into the American population. It has options to buy another 600 million shot if Congress allocates more funding. The cumulative effect of multiple injections are already causing major health disruptions.


Thirty years ago, I (Meryl) did a very deep dive into the 1965-1981 Rhodesian civil war. There was a policy called Food Control, in which white farmers were only allowed to give their black staff enough food for one day at a time. Wells were poisoned. Infectious diseases like hepatitis and cholera were seeded into rivers. Nerve gas compounds were impregnated into clothing. Anthrax was air-dropped in “Tribal Trust Lands” where the only inhabitants were black. I was the person who proved that anthrax had been deliberately spread.

Make no mistake, we are now in the middle of a war. Thank God for Patrick Wood explaining this to us. Please take his warning seriously.


Anonymous said...

URGENT: New paper suggests Covid mRNA vaccination rates are linked to increases in overall deaths

The paper draws on Dutch city- and town-level data on vaccinations and deaths to show that areas with high Covid vaccination rates have recently had high rates of all-cause mortality - deaths of all types, Covid or not.
Like many other European countries with high vaccination rates, the Netherlands has had high all-cause mortality for most of the last year, even when Covid deaths are excluded.
(Today, European statisticians reported yet another week of above-normal mortality, with almost 8,000 more weekly deaths than would be expected in midsummer)

After both vaccination and booster campaigns, we did not observe the negative correlation between mortality and vaccination expected for an effective vaccine. Instead, during Delta and milder Omicron waves, correlation was significantly positive (4 sigma), coinciding exactly with the two periods of excess mortality in The Netherlands peaking in Nov 2021 and Mar/Apr 2022.

We could not observe a mortality-reducing effect of vaccines in Dutch municipalities, while we did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality. These results add to recent findings of zero mRna-vaccine effectiveness on all- cause mortality [10].
Clearly, our study has many shortcomings: we made use of very limited publicly available data. Our several requests for improved data (non-rounded vaccination coverages at more time instances) were unfortunately not granted by the Dutch government.

Our main result remains alarming and calls for more research on the effect of current covid vaccines on all-cause mortality.

Higher death rates in covid experimental warp speed vaccinated from all causes. Thus reasons found for sudden change for unvaccinated perhaps group less likely to die from all causes?

Anonymous said...

US has about 20x the Dutch population. No benefit found in Dutch study death stats with 8000 weekly extra deaths then expected in vaccination group in Holland. Thus easily similar 100,000 to 200,000 weekly extra deaths in US for similar results found in Dutch study with hindering by government for further better data too adding issues?

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""Government: if we release this information, people won't want Vaccines, so we don't do it.!""

Vikki Spit's husband died because of AstraZeneca's Corona vaccine.

Because the pharmaceutical company is shielded from liability, she cannot sue AstraZeneca.

Spit has filed a request with the U.K. government to find out why vaccine manufacturers are protected. In particular, it is looking for information that could invalidate this regulation, such as the submission of falsified data.

The government responded that it had the information requested by Spit, but could not share it because it could affect vaccine acceptance and the commercial interests of the government and vaccine manufacturers.
Freedom of Information Request to UK gov on why vaccine makers have indemnity:

Vicky: "They have literally said...we know things that if we told the public they wouldn't want to get these vaccines so we're NOT GOING TO TELL YOU"

So, according to the government, Big Pharma's commercial interests outweigh the interests of those who want to know why Big Pharma can't be sued. The government is siding with the pharmaceutical companies in this case.

"They literally said, There is information that will affect confidence in vaccines," Spit said on Maajid Nawaz's show.

They're basically saying, If we release this information, people won't want vaccines anymore, and so we won't do it, Spit said.

"This is shocking," Nawaz said. "They don't serve you. They are serving these big multinational companies."

Spit: "They are also serving themselves. They also relate to the commercial interests of the government."

Anonymous said...

IMO: I personally believe there are two things going on here.

1.) Big Pharma is making big money and much of it is finding its way into politicians' and the medical community's pockets. This entire campaign has very little if anything to do with battling a virus being marketed as COVID. There is ample evidence to suggest this has been in the works for many years. There is no conceivable way they could have produced billions of doses of their complex concoctions in just a few months.

2.) There are harmful and carcinogenic ingredients in these inoculations some of which are high-tech and difficult to understand. We're not being told the full truth of this, but I believe many government officials and regulatory bodies know what they are. EUA also grants these pharmaceutical companies the ability to continue experimenting on the population with various concoctions targeted at various demographic categories. They are indemnified and protected in this effort as well. It's an attempt to control, possibly depopulate, and genetically alter human DNA for their nefarious purposes. As a result, by the time we know fully what's going on, it will be too late. If Fraud found can they be held accountable?

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Boosters Excess Mortality New Zealand;reflist=citec;pg=1

12% Excess Deaths “Very Strong Evidence for a Causal Relationship’ between the Vaccinations and a Huge number of Excess Deaths”

‘Excess death patterns point to covid jabs’
July 30, 2022
Edinburgh professor claims latest data confirms ‘causal relationship’, as he calls for Scottish government to re-open public inquiry

Countries Report Excessive Deaths Caused by CCP Virus Vaccine
By AUSSIE BRIEF NEWS / July 28, 2022
In Scotland, retired Edinburgh professor Richard Ennos says official data for 2021 and 2022 “provide very strong evidence for a causal relationship” between the vaccinations and a huge number of excess deaths in the country.

Excess Non-Covid Deaths Approach 9,500 in Last 11 Weeks - Europe Reloaded

Anonymous said...

Hamilton New Zealand
The Rollout of COVID-19 Booster Vaccines is Associated With Rising Excess Mortality in New Zealand June 2022

There is a close relationship between booster rollout and rising excess mortality. This relationship was not seen with the rollout of the original protocol vaccine doses. The age groups most likely to use boosters had 7–10 percentage point rises in excess mortality rates as boosters were rolled out

Anonymous said...

Edinburgh professor Richard Ennos says official data for 2021 and 2022 ‘provide very strong evidence for a causal relationship’ between the vaccinations and a huge number of excess deaths in the country

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''Nurse finally admits that the Clotshot Refusers were the Smart Ones''!

Her 'life expectancy' has been 'drastically cut short' while her unjabbed friends are all fine.

Anonymous said...


"Judicial Watch Files FOIA Lawsuit for NIH Emails of Dr. Fauci’s Spouse, Christine Grady"!

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The worldwide mass Covid-19 vaccination campaign – ‘a jab in every arm’ – has not provided the aggregate health benefits that might have been expected. High frequency and timely excess mortality estimates are unavailable globally but are available for 32 developed (and highly vaccinated) OECD countries studied here. For these countries there is no overall correlation between the incidence of Covid-19 vaccination and excess mortality, repeating a non-effect found when studying changes from 2020 to 2021 for the same month of the year (Gibson, 2021). If mass vaccination truly is cutting the Covid-19 death toll, as is frequently claimed, it presumably is increasing deaths elsewhere to yield this aggregate non-effect.

Anonymous said...

It's Official! CDC and UK government data reveal the COVID vaccines do not prevent cases, transmission, severe illness or deaths
So what DO they do, and WHY are we using them?

Meryl NassApr 3

Anonymous said...

Data doesn't lie: mRNA-vaccines and correlation to all-cause mortality -- Health & Wellness -- Robert Malone MD


Interestingly our results, based on EU data, agree with [Neil and Fenton, 2021, Crawford, 2021] for the 0-44 years, that is vaccines have clearly no net benefits on excess mortality. The fact that the vaccines have been delivered to an important proportion of the population means that even a small toxicity could be responsible for as many deaths than the disease itself.

Government and police forensic labs can prove Germany’s mRNA vaccines are biological weapon by looking for SARS-COV-2’s viral protein ORF10
By Paul W KincaidAugust 2, 2022

The first pandemic war—Highly vaccinated New Zealand admits it is losing the battle
Guy HatchardPublished 7 Jul 2022

Dr Fleming says 'There is No Benefit to COVID Shots. Vax is a Bioweapon Making the Vaccinated Susceptible to Disease and Death. Companies Must Be Held Accountable, Gain of Function Research Stopped'
August 03, 2022
From [HERE] Dr Richard Fleming is an American Medical Doctor, specialising in cardiology and has a law degree. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a Fellow of the American Society of Internal Medicine, he is a medical patent expert, has authored between 400 and 500 medical papers, and has sat on review boards of medical journals.
In March this year, he testified that:
1. SARS-CoV-2 is a lab-engineered bio-weapon, funded by the US government, the result of gain-of-function research on the spike protein, making it more infectious.
2. Safe and Effective treatments for the virus were suppressed by the US health regulatory agencies.
3. Quarantining of healthy people is completely ineffective.
4. The mRNA/RNA “vaccines” produced by Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen are bio-weapons delivering the same toxic spike protein as the virus but in loads up to 5 million times higher.
5. The vaccinated are responsible for pressure-selecting variants (alpha, delta, omicron, etc.), prolonging the epidemic.
6. The “vaccine” disrupts the natural immune system, making the vaccinated more susceptible to infection and disease.
7. The “vaccine” damages red-blood cells and causes hyper-inflammatory and clotting that cause disease and death in its own right.

Daszak, who Dr Martin refers to as “the money launderer in chief,” “actually stated that this entire exercise was a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon. And that is their own words, not my interpretation,” Martin said.