Friday, July 22, 2022

Lincoln National paid out nearly triple on its group life insurance in 2021, compared to 2019, and more than double what it paid during the year of heavy COVID deaths in 2020

 Jeff Childers' Substack  7/18/22

various non-corporate media sources reported that the U.S.’s fifth-largest life insurance provider, Lincoln National, reported +163% claims payouts for 2021:

2019: $500,888,808

2020: $547,940,260

2021: $1,445,350,949

Lincoln’s annual financial report cited “non-pandemic-related morbidity” and “unusual claims adjustments” to explain losses from its group life insurance business. Other public life insurance providers are also strangely down, “unexpectedly.” For example, an recent analyst’s report on life insurance giant Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) wonders about RGA’s mysterious revenue losses:

“Looking at its three-year median payout ratio of 29% (or a retention ratio of 71%) which is pretty normal, Reinsurance Group of America’s declining earnings is rather baffling as one would expect to see a fair bit of growth when a company is retaining a good portion of its profits. It looks like there might be some other reasons to explain the lack in that respect. For example, the business could be in decline.”

Baffling. I suppose there MIGHT be “some other reasons.” Who knows? It’s a mystery. Oh well!


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The New In Vogue, 'Adult Sudden Death Syndrome'!
Nothing to do with the Heart Attack and Clot, Jabs?????

'Good INFO On Mask's' Biden! 07/22/2022
White House COVID Response Coordinator Ashish Jha admitted on Thursday that president Joe Biden was infected despite constantly wearing a face mask, but continued to promote the practice of mask-wearing anyway even after 'a reporter pointed out that it was ineffective.'

“Um, masks are, uh, 'not' a panacea,” Jha said. “Uh, and obviously! lol

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'Tony Fauci', Nina Jankowicz, Vivek Murthy, Karine Jean Pierre and More Served in Missouri and Louisiana Lawsuit Alleging Collusion to Suppress Freedom of Speech!

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"FBI Investigation 'Targeted Dr. Fauci' But 'Comey' Pulled the Plug" (Owes His Soul To The DEMS?)

Top U.S. scientist and research pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits said she cooperated with the FBI during an investigation of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institute of Health, alleging Fauci was a workplace tyrant who was under investigation for swiping scientific research, 'covering up 'tainted' vaccines', doling out lucrative federal grants to feckless cronies and much more.

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"Official 'UK Data Confirms' COVID Vax Increases Risk of Death of Any Cause"!

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Our government claiming success when vaccine failure is all around them, and their own data.

So called "boosters" only make the actual failure not look as bad, for a very brief period; and why they push them with naked aggression.

Today, our CDC proclaimed vaccine effectiveness based on the following OMICRON outcomes, CDC collected data, as follows, based on clinical reports: "Among 214,487 ED/UC encounters with a COVID-19–like illness diagnosis that met inclusion criteria, 124,033 (57.8%) occurred during the BA.1 period."

-During the BA.1 period, 51,359 (41.4%) ED/UC patients were unvaccinated
-During the BA.1 period, 72,674 (58.6%) ED/UC patients were vaccinated

-During the Omicron BA.2/BA.2.12.1–predominant period period, 27,907 (30.9%) ED/UC patients were unvaccinated
-During the Omicron BA.2/BA.2.12.1–predominant period, 62,547 (69.1%) ED/UC patients were vaccinated

-Among 58,782 hospitalizations with a COVID-19–like illness diagnosis that met inclusion criteria, 35,399 (60.2%) occurred during the BA.1 period, during which 10,534 (29.8%) patients had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result; 23,383 (17.9%) occurred during the BA.2/BA.2.12.1 period, during which 1,564 (6.7%) patients had a positive test result

-During the BA.1 period, 14,742 (41.6%) patients hospitalized with COVID-19–like illness were unvaccinated,
- During the BA.1 period, 20,567 (58.4%) patients hospitalized with COVID-19–like illness were vaccinated,

-During the BA.2/BA.2.12.1 period, 6,682 (28.6%) patients hospitalized with COVID-19–like illness were unvaccinated
- During the BA.2/BA.2.12.1 period, 16,701 (71.4%) patients hospitalized with COVID-19–like illness were vaccinated

All CDC Data shown above at


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Heads Up!

1.) 'Dr. Risch: People Who’ve Had Multiple Boosters Have Higher Risk of Getting and Spreading the Virus'!

2.) "Tucker Carlson: Can the Covid Vaccine Weaken Your Immune System?" 'That Looks Possible.'
‘It seems kind of weird since hundreds of billions of people got the shot’

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"All Ships At Sea"

Might help your Case?

'New study shows ivermectin can reduce chance of death by 92%'!

Regular use of ivermectin as prophylaxis for COVID-19 led up to 92% reduction in COVID-19 mortality rate in a dose-response manner: results of a prospective observational study of a strictly controlled population of 88,012 subjects among 223,128 participants.


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'UNBELEIVABLE DR. BIRX' {Mandates Still Ongoing/ Biden Vaxx Will Protect You From Getting Covid}?

'Debbie Birx — ‘We overplayed the Vaccine’!

Dr. Deborah Birx: "I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines …"

Claims vaccines "protect against severe disease and hospitalization" before saying that 50% of those who died via Omicron were older & vaccinated.

IMO: God DAMN the Federal and State Governments and these Power/Money Hungry Doctors and Big Pharma Companies.
Steve Bannon, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Naomi Wolf, 'Robert F Kenndy Jr.', Dr. Steven Hatfield, Dr. Syed Haider, and many more experts were called liars for pointing out the TRUTH. Sorry Dr. Birx. You let your disgust for Trump overrule your knowledge. Go To Jail and Repent there.!

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'Scopolamine Found in Child Covid Vaccines' ??

The U.S. military has found the drug 'Scopolamine' in Covid-19 vaccines destined to 'reach the arms of children', sources in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

Scopolamine is known by several names, most notably hyoscine, burandanga, “Devil’s Breath,” and “the Zombie Drug.” Derived from nightshade plants, it gained notoriety in Columbia where the criminal element uses it to drug naïve, careless tourists. On the internet stories abound of bar-hopping tourists chatting up local ladies, passing out, and waking up 3 days later—only to find they were robbed, and their bank accounts drained. Some never regain consciousness.

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One can only hope they use Dr. Birx's book at her trial.