Sunday, July 3, 2022

A personal tale of how I got here

Several people have asked me to discuss my own path to understanding the pandemic psychological operation.  I don't think describing my path will help others, but because I am a stickler for transparency, I will give a quick take on how I got where I am today.

The short story is that, as someone with a long history in biowarfare and pandemics, I studied this pandemic intensively beginning in early February 2020.  By end February I was aware that China was using the chloroquine drugs in multiple clinical trials.  I had become aware of Didier Raoult's work in France using hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for COVID.  As I had used these drugs quite a lot in patients, and had treated myself with chloroquine as preventive and treatment for malaria, I knew they were relatively safe and ought to be trialed here.  I mentioned chloroquine use for COVID in my blog first on March 2, 2020.

When my son came down with COVID in early March I insisted he use it and he made a rapid recovery.  So I aggressively studied the use of chloroquine drugs for COVID, and the evidence of benefit quickly became overwhelming.  

But by the end of March the FDA had issued an EUA for the chloroquine drugs, in order to confuse prescribers and place restrictions on its use.  This was immediately followed by similar acts by the states, most of which placed a variety of different restrictions on the drugs' use for COVID.

If you look back at my blog, you will see that by end May I had deduced that something very coordinated and very evil was happening in the developed world to prevent patients receiving early, appropriate treatment.  I realized a war was being waged under the guise of public health.

Before all this, I had traveled widely, in Africa and Asia, and had learned that much of what the media tell us is simply untrue.  I had been a Democrat and had become astounded at what the party had become.  I had seen Obama voice beautiful thoughts but he always made decisions that favored big business.

I had seen various social movements co-opted by the most venal and inhumane politicians. Nancy Pelosi "took a knee." I had recognized that identity politics was a cover for the takeover of society by the richest capitalists.

I had seen many of the basic tenets of medicine brushed aside without a second thought or an informed consent, for example, putting patients' medical records online, to be sold to Google and other big data companies.

And I saw the surveillance expanding exponentially, despite our 4th Amendment protection.  For example, from Politico:

Canada’s national police force admits use of spyware to hack phones

The RCMP says it needs to use malware because encryption has made surveillance “exponentially more difficult.”

A police car is parked in Revelstoke, B.C.

I knew that what the country supposedly stood for was being flushed down the toilet even before the pandemic, so it was perhaps not such a stretch to see that big gov and big business were waging war on the world's people.  The US had recently destroyed Iraq and Libya (countries that were wealthy and educated) and so it was conceivable that they would bring the destruction here, in an attempt to grab the resources of the US, Europe, etc. in the same way.

I can believe that the robber barons had robbed the piggy bank for so long (see Catherine Austin Fitts and Fabio Vighi) that things would have crashed had they not imposed the lockdowns as a "time out."  It makes sense to me that the pandemic was a deliberate response to failing financial markets, and that pandemic planning (outside of standard public health measures) had been in preparation for decades. 

I believe the invented concept of global warming is the linchpin by which the fraud has been sold to practically the entire younger generation--its corollary being that there are too many people on the planet.  And the well meaning kids are hoodwinked into believing it. And worse, taking on guilt and responsibility to reverse it.

What I cannot tell you is why the people pulling the strings have settled for such a dystopian vision of the future, relying on hopes of AI to manage things, when AI has so far never lived up to its promises. 

OTOH, if they all have personalities that mirror Bill Gates, maybe a lack of human warmth and empathy are sufficient to explain it.

I can also tell you that if a universal basic income gets installed, there will be those at the top who consider the beneficiaries of UBI to be 'useless eaters'-- and I guarantee those on UBI won't be encouraged to play or wax creative all day long. Those who wanted to kill us with COVID are unlikely to nourish and appreciate the talents of the poor.

I can also predict that extending the lives of old bodies will not work out so well for those seeking it. But I guess they need to pretend they can live forever, since it won't be pleasant when they finally meet their maker.

That is my story in a nutshell.


Winston Smith said...

If we can defeat this effort to create a totalitarian America, you'll be one of the people (most) remembered Dr. Nass. I was thinking of the movie Gattaca today, I hope America never becomes anything like that. Wonder how Gore Vidal (who was in that movie) would have responded to the pandemic today (if he was alive)? Perhaps he would have been an extreme disappoint to everyone like Chomsky.

Anonymous said...

Your early work in exposing the trials on HCQ where they were deliberately giving lethal doses to kill people in 2020 was invaluable, and revealed early on the demonic intentions of the "pandemic."

I am sure lives were saved due to your stand for the truth and exposing it (much of it published by Vera Sherav), and you have proven yourself over and over again, for years, including standing up for armed forces members who were victimized by the anthrax vaccine.

You are one of the few, very few, who still adds an "MD" after their name that I trust today. Many of the "MD"s today who are speaking out against COVID vaccines are Johnny-come-lately types who stood by and said nothing in years past while people suffered at the hands of Big Pharma. Where were they when they were killing and harming people from other vaccines, like anthrax and gardasil?

God bless you Meryl. Keep standing for the truth. -Brian Shilhavy

Anonymous said...

'God bless you Meryl. Keep standing for the truth.'

1.) Fauci Would Prescribe Chloroquine to Patient Suffering From COVID-19!

But, when pressed on the issue in the most fundamental way, "Would you, as a doctor, prescribe this for your patient?" Fauci said "yes."

Do you see this reported anywhere? And why not?

2.) 'Pfizer Ordered by Uruguayan Judge to Report Composition of Covid-19 Vaccines' Including Any Presence of “Graphene Oxide” or “Nanotechnological Elements”

Anonymous said...


Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is "the new normal"

I'm getting multiple reports from my nurse friends about kids 2 and 3 years old having seizures. It is ONLY happening on vaccinated kids, and symptoms start 2 to 5 days after the COVID vaccine.

Anonymous said...


More troubling, vaccinated toddlers in Pfizer’s trial were more likely to get severely ill with Covid than those who received a placebo. Pfizer claimed most severe cases weren’t “clinically significant,” whatever that means, but this was all the more reason that the FDA should have required a longer follow-up before authorizing the vaccine.

Also worrisome: Most kids who developed multiple infections during the trial were vaccinated. This warranted more investigation, since experimental vaccines for other diseases sometimes increase susceptibility to infection.

'Paragraph: #8! WSJ

Anonymous said...

The Nass Epitome

The personal toll on your career always renders me more than perplexed, each and every time I reflect it.

This perplexity, in its Socratic and Platonic sense extends to its Aristotelian: Uncertainty about the inner, the outer, physical world and universe and beyond, social world, and in our own minds, psychologically, cognitively, emotionally, and so on and so forth.

Age old, pre-antiquity, prior to organized religions that first gave formal garb to various and sundry inquiries on perplexities, and these including meaning of life and our place in it here and now.

Perplexity and nature of inquiry, on which formal science founded, on shoulders of mathematics and organized philosophy, itself via religion, and how these came to be -- in other words: the stuff of civilization.

Attacks on Dr. Nass, which in a way I would guess at least in part motivate her to explicate very efficiently "A personal of how I got here" . . . epitomize manifold existential question, bearing directly on our civilization here and now.

All of that thrown at Nass and the Nasses she epitomize, underscore this existential question, a perplexity, and obvious question, what is meaning of this most broadly, and consequences of this reality?

Inquiry itself, free of partisan dogma, economic imperatives, and political correctness, to name among most obvious, as the Nass Epitome demonstrate, now interrupted.

Importantly, interrupted at the institutional level, which means this interruption enforced by means including forms of coercion large and small, formal and informal, financial in terms of gainful employment blocked, social in terms of prestige diminishment, psychological in terms of cognitive dissonance on parade.

Put another way, the parade towards inquiry as partisan dogma, in service of economic imperatives and political correctness, while obviously reification of inquiry, nonetheless, is the new “normal”. This, inspectably the case.

While I can take the liberty to say this road is objectively, on its concrete face, road to utter catastrophe, tyranny and all that this implies, whether others and I say it, or not, the train [wreck] gather greater and greater speed, still.

“What I cannot tell you is why the people pulling the strings have settled for such a dystopian vision of the future”. . . .

But I can say those pulling strings do represent a powerful faction – but not the only faction, among those with means to pull strings.

And this Dystopian Faction may or may not “carry the day” in coming days and weeks and months and years and decades, in western societies.

I can also say this Dystopian Faction has made it impossible for me to either attend graduate seminars and teach college, which I used to do. Made it impossible for me to publish fact-based, non-partisan news in the institutional media realm, which I used to do, to name a few.

However slow, painfully slow, awakening, in fits and starts, and at this point, quite, almost hopelessly, immature and disarticulated, central thesis Camus describe, in “L'Homme Revolte”, grasped: and a general awakening?

“From the moment that eternal principals are put in doubt simultaneously with formal virtue, and when every value is discredited, reason will start to act without reference to anything but its own success. . .One day it will conquer. . .and want to make earth a kingdom where man is God [in] the nihilistic revolution. . .which denies all forms of morality and desperately attempts to achieve the unity of the human race by means of ruinous crimes and wars.

“The sky is empty, the earth delivered into the hands of power without principles. Those who have chosen to enslave will successively occupy the front of the state, in the name of a form of rebellion which has been diverted from the path of truth.”

Anonymous said...


“Conspiracy Theory” Confirmed: Covid Jabs INCREASE Risk of Infection According to New England Journal of Medicine!

Anonymous said...

1.) Adding Insult to Injury, Fascist Twitter Censors Vaxx-Death Story From Credible Source Posted by Child of Deceased.

How much confirmation about a vaccine-induced death is require before Big Tech in general and Twitter in particular will allow it to be posted? Apparently, their censorship is limitless.

2.) 'Will Pfizer Be Charged for Mislabeling Vaccine Side Effects?'

Anonymous said...

❤️ Mery Nass M.D 🇺🇸