Thursday, July 14, 2022

I am doing my own TV show on Children's Health Defense TV once a month. Today was my first show.

This show is about the mystery of monkeypox, the 2 monkeypox vaccines, the slanted information being pushed out by the CDC, the truth, and I riff on "biodefense" research.


Anonymous said...

"Understanding how the “Spike Protein” Works."

So… who holds the patent for the GP120 glycoprotein on the S1 spike protein region? 'Dr. Anthony Fauci' holds the patent to GP120 on the S1 region of the spike protein that will recognize and bind to receptors on the host cell. This starts the process by which the virus can then fuse its viral membrane with the host cell membrane to enter the cell; in other words it will then activate GP41 on the S2 region of the spike protein.
SARS-Cov-2 is HIV and Dr. Anthony Fauci Holds the Patents!

Monoclonal Antibody “Clone 3” is the Cure!

Who then holds the patent for the GP41 “key” on the S2 region of the spike protein? Joseph Cotropia of Bioclonetics Inc. (Now Enzolytics Inc.) holds the patent to GP41 and the monoclonal antibodies that can “irreversibly block” the Glycoprotein GP41 which would stop viral membrane fusion and thus infection. It’s called the Monoclonal Antibody Clone 3 'which is the cure for HIV, SARS-CoV-2 and several Cancer.'

Why is GP41 important? GP41 is a stable Glycoprotein and unlike GP120 it does not mutate. If one uses GP41 to manufacture “spike proteins” through “Gain-of-Function” experiments you now have a stable site that can be targeted by pharmaceuticals drugs or vaccines! Basically any pathogen that has GP41 can be inactivated and that includes HIV-1, SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses that cause Cancers! 'Did you think the NWO would release a bioweapon without a built-in back door to turn it off'?

Anonymous said...

'When Do The Criminal Tribunals Begin??'

"Researchers Suspect New Variants of Rapidly Progressing Brain Degenerating Diseases From COVID-19 Vaccines"

Anonymous said...


'3 year-old girl dies from Vaccine…'

Argentina- Mother of a 3 yr old that died after the cIot shot says the government constantly pressuring has made her vax her child. She says she is twice jabbed. Her child only had one.

Bringing to light the hidden realities, waking up the sleepers.

— Nuremberg 2.0 (@CMDRZO) July 12, 2022

Anonymous said...

Excellent report, Dr. Nass. As always, your clear-headed insight and experience is most appreciated.

It may be premature to write off monkeypus as a dud. According to the NTI paper, which serves as the template and roadmap, the op seems to be running right on schedule.

After using Africa as the proving ground (as has been so often the case with these endeavors), the pathogen was given its launch among homosexual men in order to go global. (Hmmm, where has that playbook been run before...)

So now we are in the early soft-launch phase of the roll out. As you know, these ops are as much (or more) psychological as biological. They are getting us used to a new fear, and ramping up our uptake of it.

Recall as well that we have become conditioned -- a main feature of the covid con -- to accept that somehow pathogens are continuously and magically evolving to become ever *more* infectious. That we are powerless to stop this inevitability, and that the only hope we have is that we endlessly take yet more new and varied injections to save us from doom.

So we might soon expect the monkeypus to make the leap from gay men, to heterosexual people of any gender. This new mutant "variant" will naturally be more virulent, because that's just the way nature works, naturally. More infectious, more disfiguring, more deadly.

We'll know soon, if we see the hard launch coming in the fall. The NTI roadmap calls for 70 million cases and 1.3 million deaths by the New Year.

Note also that the NTI op calls for this monkeypus to be vaccine resistant. They are going for other objectives this round, beyond mere big pharma enrichment. They plan to use this as the casus belli for their new world order. One in which a single global health authority rules supreme over the entire planet.

Anonymous said...

Considering the outline of their ultimate objectives a bit further, other features of the geo-political landscape may soon become clearer. For example, the unfathomably decrepit and weak US leadership. What a singular opportunity for another authority to smoothly supersede it, even welcomed in the process. The clown in the UK also recently tumbled, with the mental midgets in the wings scurrying like frantic mice to replace him. Meanwhile, Macron is not exactly on sure footing either... The stage is well and truly set. It is all so incredibly well engineered, both sickening and breathtaking at the same time...