Thursday, April 7, 2022

UK data on vaccinations, deaths, hospitalizations and cases will no longer be provided to the public; too many people getting scared of the shots I guess

I do not always agree with Alex, but I think he is correct about why these facts will no longer be released:  because too many people are paying attention.

I discussed these statistics in my Substack 4 days ago, and have had over 35,000 readers there already--it is by far my most popular substack post.  It is a very big deal when the official data show the doubly vaxed have a higher death rate than the never vaxxed.

UPDATE:  A good friend pointed out that Alex in fact presents the numbers, not the rates, of unvaxxed vs vaxxed.  But if you look at Figure 14 on page 45 you will find the rates, and they show more deaths in the doubly vaccinated than the unvaccinated.  Quite remarkable really.  If I were in the cabal, I too would have ordered the official statisticians of the UK to stop publishing their results.  I might have ordered them to stop collecting the data too...  Nothing to see here because there is nothing to see.  

The British are now officially hiding Covid vaccine data

As of today, they have stopped releasing it, and they are lying about the reason why.

Until last week, the British government offered the best source of raw data on the efficacy of the Covid vaccines. Each Thursday, the UK Health Security Agency reported the number of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccine status.

Since last fall, and especially since the Omicron variant hit, the reports have presented an increasingly dismal picture of vaccine efficacy. Last week’s report showed that in March, nearly 90 percent of adults hospitalized for Covid were vaccinated. And OVER 90 percent of deaths were in the vaccinated:

The importance of these reports is hard to overstate.

They were the single best source of raw data about how well the Covid vaccines were or were not working anywhere in the world. It was a long-running sequential series with clearly defined rules from a large country with high vaccine coverage.

Plus, because the British have national health insurance, the government could determine with near-certainty who had been vaccinated. As you can see, fewer than 1 percent of the people in the reports are called “unlinked” - meaning their vaccine status was undetermined.


The British government is offering the nonsensical excuse that it can no longer provide the figures because it has ended free universal testing for Covid: Such changes in testing policies affect the ability to robustly monitor COVID-19 cases by vaccination status, therefore, from the week 14 report onwards this section of the report will no longer be published.

The British government is lying.

Even if the end of free testing somehow affected its ability to provide “robust” data about infections, it would make no difference to the hospitalization or death figures, which are far more important. Unless Covid patients are going to be hospitalized anonymously, the Health Security Agency will still be able to match their names (and the names on death certificates) against vaccination records.

In fact the British government would be derelict not to continue to collect the data, and it surely will. But the public will no longer see it.


One reason and one reason only. Ever since I mentioned the existence of these reports to Joe Rogan in October, they have become an embarrassment. They are impossible to spin, and the clearest possible signal of vaccine failure.

But hiding the numbers won’t make the vaccines work better. It will just make people less likely to believe anything else public health authorities tell them about Covid and the vaccines - if that’s even possible at this point.


Anonymous said...

Naomi Wolf on War Room – FDA Failed to Mention Heart Damage to Teens When Approving Pfizer Vaccine (VIDEO)

Anonymous said...


The CDC Knew In January 2021 That The Vaccines Were Unsafe, But Said NOTHING!

Tyro said...

The HSA Report has also been serving as an authoritative comparative reference for imputing the statistical relationships of factors underlying excess deaths in regions where reporting is incomplete a/o those factors are obscured.

The HSA certainly recognizes that fact, and that such analysis is showing significant increases in ED's well beyond COVID deaths. Also that when vaccination, infection and age cohorts can be factored reliably, there is a distinct association of death rates by age that is aligned with vaccination trends.

Anonymous said...

Covid experimental childhood injections risk benefits compared with other more serious child diseases with fully approved vaccinations

Surveillance of Vaccination Coverage Among Adult Populations — United States, 2018 | MMWR

Significant Increases in Cancer over recent 10 yrs, why?

Large increases in Diabetesover recent 10 yrs, why?

Anonymous said...

I think it is part of the orchestrated war on truth. When truth leaks out, the government takes over to plug the leak. The bought off mainstream media is an extension of the effort to control what people know. '

What is taking place should be so obvious to everyone.

IF anyone is interested, there is a good site about 'climate change' and what is really going on. Read the post for April 7. 2022. The covid craziness, the impending climate catastrophe, and the war in the Ukraine are all part of the big picture.

We have to stay informed. Thank you, Dr. Nass, for helping us do that.