Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Thanks Elon! Locked and suspended Twitter account for telling the truth

My main account is @NassMeryl, which is blocked.  It has not gotten any additional followers for weeks, with the dial stopped at 14.9 thousand.  This account was locked yesterday as I disagreed with a paid ad for vaccinating children fom DHHS.


Anonymous said...


Spreads fear to speak your mind in free speech including on Twitter
More danger signs.



Anonymous said...

Ron Rosenbaum on Twitter: "Here are the liberal twitter account losses. So ironic since the Musk deal won't close til fall&he still hasn't secured financing,yet Twitter is allowing a stealth right wing coup apparently in servile proactive deference to The meditheir new not even locked in overlord @nytimes" / Twitter

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Elon Musk locked your account Dr. Nass. It’s likely the people that stole the W’s.

Anonymous said...

COMPLAINT to Twitter // RE: suspension of Meryl Nass, MD, account
APRIL 27, 2022

Please consider this a formal complaint to Twitter, related to your unfortunate suspension of Meryl Nass, MD, account [that recently grew to nearly 20K "Followers"].

Her handle is @NassMeryl

Account URL is https://twitter.com/NassMeryl

Nass is one of my major sources of medical, public health and recently SARS CoV2 news, in addition to commentary and opinion; that runs the gamut and includes critical information on the nMRNA products the FDA said were entitled to EUA.

She is an infectious disease expert, eloquent, humble and well spoken and very well informed. Her work going back decades on anthrax was groundbreaking.

Her work -- especially now -- is essential for public discourse and I view your reckless, uninformed and illegal decision to suspend her account of great concern.

Information provided by Nass is in the public interest: your illegal and potentially criminal decision to ban her from Twitter platform may have legal consequences.

Your decision not only runs directly counter to public interest, it deprives me, personally, of excellent news and perspectives and opinions.