Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The Telegraph discusses the Denmark announcement: suspending vaccinations

Excerpts from the Telegraph below.  The last sentence is the important one.  It is an admision that the masks, the distancing and the vaccines don't work. Denmark actually scrapped its other restrictions on February 1, but now it is scrapping vaccinations too, at least until the fall.

Denmark becomes first country to suspend Covid vaccinations as virus is brought under control

The government will no longer issue vaccination invitations after May 15 – although a booster programme may resume later in the year 
...Tyra Grove Krause, director of infection preparedness at Denmark’s infectious diseases agency SSI, had previously dismissed the effect of even severe restrictions.

The country had lifted its social restrictions in September 2021 before a wave of Omicron infections swept over it two months later, forcing its museums, cinemas, theatres, and concert venues to close ahead of Christmas. 

The government intensified its immunisation campaign as a result, but by February had resolved to lift restrictions again.

Experts supported the government’s decision, saying overwhelmed hospitals trumped personal health as a concern for Danes.

“With omicron, it is impossible to stop the spread of infection,” Grove Krause said.


Anonymous said...

11 polio facts you must know

1. More polio from vaccines than from nature
2. Oral vaccine is the one causing paralysis in children
3. Parents not told the real reason their child is given the dangerous oral vaccine
4. Vaccine-induced polio no less severe than natural (wild) polio
5. Wild polio normally harmless
6. Infectious diseases mostly disappeared before vaccines
7. Nutrition and modern sewage system more important than vaccines
8. Polio correlates with DDT
9. Public health officials claim polio outbreaks based only on sewage water
10.Polio cases may never have been eradicated but rather “relabeled” as a different disease
11. UN and US coerce other countries to aggressively vaccinate children


Revolution 9 - Beatles

Anonymous said...


'BioNTech 2022 SEC Filing:'
We May Not Be Able To Demonstrate Sufficient Efficacy or Safety of Our COVID-19 Vaccine.
Significant Adverse Events Could Delay or Prevent Regulatory Approval.

While we are eagerly waiting for the next Pfizer document dump, BioNTech released its annual SEC Filing.

Just like in the 2021 Annual SEC Filing, Pfizer admits that due to safety concerns and the inability to demonstrate sufficient efficacy, they are not likely to receive regulatory approval.

A notable change: " Undesirable Side Effects" in 2021 Filing was upgraded to "Significant Adverse Events".

Will this damning documented admission be ignored again by the MSM and the majority of so-called Alternative media the same way they ignored BioNTech’s 2021 SEC Filing?