Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Stat helps lay the ground for the end of the mRNA COVID shots

 I was unable to obliterate the embedded ads below (although my methods had appeared to work, the ads came back) so I have shortened this.  The gist of the article is that the PTB are getting us ready for the demise of the vaccines.  When they get Paul Offit to speak against boosters you know the tide has turned.--Meryl

Experts fear U.S. may default to annual Covid boosters without sufficient data

Anumber of vaccine experts are concerned the United States may be sleepwalking into a policy of recommending annual Covid-19 vaccine boosters — without having generated the evidence to show they are actually needed.

Already, the Food and Drug Administration has authorized second boosters — or fourth doses — for people aged 50 and older, even though neither that agency nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has explicitly urged people to get them. Based on recent meetings of panels that advise the FDA and the CDC, many vaccine experts assume another booster will be recommended in the fall in anticipation of a possible surge in Covid activity during the cold and flu season next winter.

Meanwhile, several vaccine manufacturers have said annual boosters will be needed and are working on combined flu and Covid vaccines that could be deployed every autumn.

The developments have some experts warning that the U.S. may be headed toward a policy of annual boosters as a sort of default position, not one arrived at by careful scrutiny of the evidence on how well vaccine protection is holding up...

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