Friday, April 22, 2022

India has not been making any A-Z COVID vaccines since December. Serum Institute willing to give away 200 million doses/ Fierce Pharma

One wonders whether any of India's 20-plus vaccine companies are still making any vaccine.  Who wants it?  Are Pfizer and Moderna still cranking out doses? 

"About 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine are gathering dust in warehouses of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer as global demand ebbs.

Serum Institute of India (SII) stopped making new COVID-19 vaccine doses in December, CEO Adar Poonawalla said at the India Economic Conclave, as quoted by Bloomberg. The company currently sits on a stockpile of 200 million doses, he said.

“I have even offered to give free donations to whoever wanted to take it,” Poonawalla said, expressing concern over potential waste.

SII’s situation reflects a declining demand as the sense of urgency for vaccination appears to be waning around the globe. Companies like SII, which rushed to build capacity amid an initial shortage, are now taking the slowdown the hardest.

“The momentum of the past that brought us so far here is lost,” Poonawalla said, as quoted by The Indian Express."


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Sars-Cov-2 Kills T-Cells, Just Like HIV!
It also works like HIV, via LFA-1 T-cell Receptors and gp120!


Project Veritas has just released a leaked recording of a December 2020 Zoom call, during which AstraZeneca CEO, Pascal Soriot, stated that millions of people, whose immune systems are compromised, cannot receive the COVID vaccine:

“If you have an immune disease, lupus or some other immune condition, you cannot – or multiple sclerosis, you can’t be vaccinated". So, there are millions of people in the world that will need a protection that cannot be coming from a vaccine.”

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'The Vaccine Death Report: Evidence of Millions of Deaths and Serious Adverse Events Resulting from the Experimental COVID-19 Injections'!

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‘The Project for a New American Century and the Age of Bioweapons: 20 Years of Psychological Terror’
Mathew Ehret
13 Apr, 2022

“Despite the relative harmlessness of COVID-19, the fact is that evidence of something novel and laboratory generated has been established with leading medical specialists like Dr. Shankara Chetti of South Africa, Dr. Soňa Peková of the Czech Republic) and Dr Meryl Nass of the USA having delivered bountiful evidence that the various waves of the pathogen were not only NOT naturally occurring, but ethnic specific and lab-generated.”

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Throw it in the Trash.