Monday, April 4, 2022

NY Times does an RFK Jr-like hit piece on Robert Malone

What did the NY Times, the Gray Lady, do to each of them in its slovenly reporting?

Before I get into that, I thought I would just recycle what my friends have said about the NY Times (whose motto is, "All the news that's fit to print") over the years:

"All the news that fits, we print"-- which encapsulates the paper beautifully imho.

And old friends, now deceased, used to publish a magazine named for and focused on the "Lies of Our Times."

I also heard that Carlos Slim is the majority owner of the NY Times.  Some say he is not only a crook but a drug dealer.  He was worth $60 Billion and at times was Forbe's richest man in the world.  Whether Carlos has anything or nothing to do with the Gray Lady's descent into scurrilous reporting, I don't know.  Maybe the Sulzbergers did it to themselves.

With Bobby Kennedy, the Times selected a small number of relatives and squeezed them for any negative things they might say.  After listing many superlatives:  his brains, charisma, work ethic, writings (many books including the million-seller Who is Tony Fauci?) and his successful environmental activism in cleaning up America's rivers, the Times got down to the big one:  his vaccine safety work.  And most recently, and perhaps most challenging to the Elites who the NY Times serves, is Bobby's work to expose the falsehoods we have been subjected to nonstop regarding the pandemic.  The Kennedy relatives bemoaned how their wonderful brother had gotten swept up into criticizing America's gilded vaccines and its pandemic policies.  No one told them that all that shimmers isn't gold.

What did the Times do to Dr. Malone?  As in their RFK Jr. portrait, they downplayed his contributions, inventions and career.  Turned him into a self-aggrandizing liar.  When the NY Times gives you that many column inches, and a photo, in its attempts to destroy you, you KNOW you must be over the target.

I happen to know Bobby and Robert and his wife Jill and I call them my friends.  I am tremendously impressed with the brilliance of all of them.  

When I discover something, it take my brain awhile to understand how it fits in and what it means.

Not these guys.  They are quick studies.  These are extremely capable people, with very wide-ranging knowledge.  These are the people you would want on your team if you got shipwrecked, or the apocalypse was coming, and it may be coming. They see right to the meat of everything, immediately.

When Malone was a grad student, many people were working with mRNA.  But he was the one that discovered how it could be used as a vaccine, 30 plus years ago.  He has the patents.  He made other discoveries.  Because he was just a young grad student, he didn't get a lot of credit then, since his mentors grabbed as much as they could.  That is how the scientific hierarchy usually works.  The NY Times would like to ensure he does not get the credit now.

You know what?  Dr. Malone has not worked with mRNA vaccines for a long time.  He was there at the beginning, and he knows a lot.  The guy is one hell of a scientist.  But he can't tell you everything about mRNA vaccine technology today.  

He has recently worked on repurposing drugs for COVID.  He knows a lot about that, about how to help you get over COVID without any nasty sequelae.  And that, my dear, is what the Times wants kept secret.

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