Sunday, March 28, 2021

The "dangerous Covid variants" story is hogwash, as I have told you. Its only purpose is to instill fear/Lockdown Skeptics

The following article is from Lockdown Skeptics:  

This morning I wrote that despite the British Covid variant – supposedly much more deadly and contagious – being dominant in the UK since December, positive cases peaked 10 days before the January lockdown, and instead of a Christmas surge, infections plummeted in January and also failed to spike in schools when they reopened in March. In Denmark, too, the dominance of the British variant in January and February was marked not by a new surge in positive cases but precipitous decline, confounding predictions.

Now we have two more places that show the Kent variant is failing to live up to the hype. The table below from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control shows that as of February 27th, Florida was the state with the highest prevalence of the British variant (B.1.1.7) at 13.2%, and Texas comes in third at 7.1%.

Source: CDC

These are also two of the most open states. Florida ended its restrictions in September and did not reimpose them in the winter, while Texas removed its remaining ones back at the start of March. So, for the past month neither has had any restrictions at all, let alone a lockdown “tough enough” to hold back the British variant. And what do we see? No new surge at all. The reopening in Texas even saw positive cases decline to their lowest level since last spring.

This isn’t modelling or prediction. It is cold, hard data on what happens when a state opens up or stays open for the winter. It is therefore also solid proof that restrictions are not needed to “control” the coronavirus. We already knew that from Sweden in the spring. Now we know it from Florida in the winter, and Texas, which is near the bottom of the pack when it comes to vaccinations, shows us what we can expect when we open up, British variant or no British variant.

Of course, there will still be new outbreaks of COVID-19, as some countries in Europe are currently experiencing. But how much more proof do governments and their scientists need that the threat is manifestly manageable without unprecedented restrictions on liberty, the efficacy of which is anyway unproven?

Kent Covid – not so much a tiger as a pussycat.



Anonymous said...

None of the 3 "vaccines" on the market actually stop Covid19 infections in the recipients, and do not stop transmissions of Covid to others. So they are essentially worthless from a medical standpoint.

Therefore, on what basis has the FDA granted EUA for these gene-editing procedures. Given the complete lack of testing, isn't the FDA actually violating the core medical principle of "First do no harm"? With ACE2 receptors in many organs of the body, the risks seem exceeding high that there will be damaging effects from the gene-editing that far exceed the risks from Covid. After all, Covid enters the respiratory system and the body has many defenses along that path to fight it off. The same is not true for injections directly into the body. This is effectively medical malpractice / genocide on a global scale.

What is the procedure to force the FDA to "pull" the EUA immediately, as the adverse event rate (Death, etc) actually exceeds the population rate experienced from the Covid infection itself - the risk now CLEARLY outweigh the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Bogus testing as extensively pointed out with states manipulating the bogus tests and how many tests that highly questions any validity to the numbers listed here? Who would believe these numbers after all the questions raised?