Saturday, March 27, 2021

NEWS: I have a new website!

The website is  While it will still undergo some tweaks (and your comments will help me improve it) my goal was twofold:

1.  To get out of the clutches of the Goog universe

2.  To make my writing easier for readers to access, by indexing posts, having a Contents bar, and being able to highlight the most important material.

I think it makes sense, at least for now, to keep both the Blogspot site and the new Wordpress site up.  Yesterday's posts are only on the Blogspot, but I hope to have that changed within a week.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...


Thank you.


Anonymous said...

"1. To get out of the clutches of the Goog universe"

Good call. I'd like to see Age of Autism doing the same thing, because as sure as shooting, AA will get harpooned soon, too.

Thank you, Doctor.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, if I may.

It appears that the new website has a RSS feed. I love RSS and so this is of great benefit to me. However, please have your "tech team" ensure that the feed page is accurately populated as time goes on. I've seen this NOT happen on some websites.

Thank you!