Thursday, March 4, 2021

Vaccine double dose leads to cardiovascular collapse

A 91 year old man received his 2nd dose of Covid vaccine twice on the same day, by mistake.  The person administering it had not noticed he had the wrong last name.  He then quickly became hypotensive, went into shock and was immediately hospitalized.  He had been due to return home from his rehab facility the next day.

His daughter said he had been very tired after the first dose, leading to a fall.

While over 1,000 deaths have been reported to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event (voluntary) Reporting System (VAERS), run jointly by  CDC and FDA, CDC has claimed that not a single death could be "conclusively linked" to the person's Covid vaccination.

I think CDC will have a hard time saying this reaction was not due to a vaccine overdose.

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Anonymous said...

Something like this dosing for Moderna was tried in their Phase I trial, highest dose was 250 mcg, and they decided on 100 mcg after their Phase II trial. Everyone who got 250 mcg had a lot of unpleasant adverse effects after the second dose, and those were healthy young volunteers. It's not surprising a 91 year old man still in rehabilitation after a fall getting two 100 mcg doses on the same day would get seriously stressed.

Does the CDC judge who has vaccine linked adverse effects? They're not to be trusted with anything having to do with infectious diseases, as we saw with the Ebola outbreak a few years ago which you correctly call out as a stupid way to come up with unsupported six feet social distancing guideline. The two diseases don't even have the same transmission mechanisms!