Monday, March 8, 2021

Doctors Fight Back--only a small sample

America's Frontline Doctors Bill of Rights

New Zealand doctors statement against Covid fears

Canadian doctors speak up


zarembka said...

This medical analysis reports excess deaths in S. Africa almost 3 times the reported Covid-19 deaths:

I would welcome some serious attention to calculations such as these. Instead, these excess death calculations are simply passed over and not analyzed.

I do not live life on fear. But I do have a distant family member who died of Covid-19 in Germany, after he thought it was all nonsense to take precautions. I noted that these Canadian doctors do not suggest a single caution to take for anyone.

Anonymous said...


The problem with Covid-19 is that the standard of care is to go home and call the doctor when you are short of breath. If doctors wait that long to treat a patient, the death rate goes way up. Shame on them. Treat these patients early and you have what amounts to a bad flu. You are worried about excess death? 1.5 million people die each year from tuberculosis, an infectious disease. Where's the fear and outrage? Where's the masking and distancing? We should be testing and treating those people as well.

This is all a distraction. Keep people sick, frightened, and locked down so they will do anything to be free again, even take an experimental vaccine without question. The people making national decisions need this "plug-and-play" vaccine platform (mRNA) to succeed. It is part of a bigger picture to protect the Strategic National Stockpile when the next pandemic hits. If we lose half a million people to the disease in the US, to them that is the price we pay for progress. Getting the rest of the planet to go along with the experiment just gives them more data. Nothing can get in the way of the vaccine platform's success, even useful treatments. There are also a few people making a lot of money on our misery. Shame on them too!

The only thing really odd about Covid-19 is the vascular damage it causes, namely blood clots. Data is coming in that the spike protein is causing this damage; the very spike protein the vaccine is asking our bodies to make. Does that make sense? And as for masks and distancing, the data does not support the average person taking those measures. Masks should be preserved for those caring for the sick; the sick should stay home; and treat patients early and all of this goes away.

Anonymous said...


Excess death is a flawed manipulation of number where they average death in the past several years is the expected death. It ignore any population changes. Excess death assume there would be a reversal in death trend if there is a trend, which there usually is a strong multi-years trend in majority of countries. Excess death doesn’t differentiate between death due to covid or those with covid, death due to measure against covid, death due to restrictions of medications and etc.
Wouldn’t you agreed the the age of the population have direct correlation between death, that is, a younger population in same countries have lower chance of death? Expected/excess death doesn’t take it into consideration. It a pure and simple averaging of death over several years taking nothing into consideration. It pollute death with previous years, making it a intentional pointless number that can only used for propaganda. In some figure from the CDC, they even zero out value when it a negative number!!!

It like selecting a manipulated number and asking people to talk/analysis it as if it the raw numbers and making sense garbage and treating it at truth. Government and various agencies push how trustworthy and accurate they are, as if we don’t know how corrupt they are and don’t realise it assume all reporting sources are fault/manipulation free.

lynnbrad said...

Thank you for this sanity, Meryl, and commenters.!
Lynn B

Anonymous said...


Totally agree that health data has been manipulated. The data surrounding Covid has been corrupted and terrible decisions were made based on those numbers/models. Was this deliberate? It really has to be, or else the CDC is completely incompetent. So why was this done?

Interesting article today-

zarembka said...

Dear Anonymous (why don't you name yourself?),

My understanding of the South Africa calculation of 'excess deaths' does take amount of population change and does attempt to be a serious study. Please see . Like any data analysis, there are some problems that are difficult to completely address, but that does not imply total dismissal as you do.

If South African deaths are almost 3 times higher than officially ascribed due to Covid-19, this MUST matter. Likewise for any other country for which that might be the case.

You wrote: "You are worried about death? 1.5 million people die [worldwide] each year from tuberculosis, an infectious disease."

You mean that because 1.5 million who die for something other than Covid-19, we need not concern ourselves with another 2.6 million [likely more] due to Covid-19? I must object. Where is your outrage for those deaths?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Nass,

What in the world is going on in Israel with covid19 and the "vaccine"? Has any information come your way?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


You said, "You mean that because 1.5 million who die for something other than Covid-19, we need not concern ourselves with another 2.6 million [likely more] due to Covid-19?"

Absolutely not! Both numbers of deaths are tragic, made even more so because there is treatment for both. The planet has been going nuts about Covid: pulling kids out of school, wearing masks, social distancing, and crashing economies, all because this virus is so contagious and can kill people. Yet TB is also very contagious and 1.5 million people dying from it is not an insignificant number, but are governments demanding the same response? No. That was my point on that issue.

What if we could have reduce those 2.6 million death by 85%? What if we could end this pandemic with inexpensive drugs that even poor countries could afford? We should be doing that, but the USA (and others) decided to go with vaccination instead and restricted doctors from using early treatment. Why?

lynnbrad said...

But, Z, we know the manner of filling out death certificates changed (at least there are whistleblowers who said same, likely accounting for the inflated death numbers, so, perhaps it is wrong to believe the figure 'another 2.6 million [likely more] due to Covid-19?').

But, for instance, in Rhode Island, which my sis says was 'hit hard early' with so many dying, in nursing homes, too/especially, making her and everybody she knows wild for the vaccine about which they know nothing negative, since they only listen to mainstream news, and probably not to what I send much at all.

In other words, are there places where the phrase 'high death rates' indicates a true situation on the ground?

And what about India, crowded and never locked down (much? at all?) where their death rate is lower by far than that of the U.S.? Likely due to their access to HCQ? And it's such a monumental feat to get someone to listen/pay attention to the HCQ story. I do share your articles widely, Meryl, but only hear back from a small handful. My daughter responded to my suggestion that the amount of quinine available to boil out of grapefruit is not nearly sufficient, but I guess it cannot hurt. Lynn B

zarembka said...

Dear Lynn,

I keep asking for serious research on excess deaths in order to get closer to the truth. I myself promote an ivermectin regime when someone is listening. It happens to have received positive mainstream-press coverage in Buffalo, NY where I live (I haven't seen similar positive coverage elsewhere in the U.S.)

You may be correct that worldwide deaths due to Covid-19 are less than 2.6 million. But it also may be more. I don't like politics getting into this question. 'Excess deaths' may help toward a serious analysis, although without a finality. I will provide you one example, just out from Canada:

It reports a movement across Canada in which there appear to be no longer excess deaths in Ontario, but met by an increase in excess deaths in Alberta and BC. I think this study is serious but only a beginning. But how do we explain the result (if correct)? Might it be the case the other causes of death than Covid-19 are responsible for excess deaths due to treatment delays there that are no occurring in Ontario. If so, one could conclude that deaths due to 'Covid-19' are over-estimated, because the deaths are due not to Covid-19 as much as inadequate care facilities available for other medical problems. BUT, this is ONLY speculation unless we go deeper into reasons for the data showing up as they do, while also going deeper into the Covid-19 reported deaths (are they correctly reported? how is co-morbidity dealt with?).

When a South Africa study reports many more excess deaths than Covid-19 ascribed deaths, what is the explanation (if correct)? That data study also seems serious to me. At first glance it suggests under-estimation of Covid-19 deaths. Let's be serious about such studies, and not ignore them.

I repeat. I am fighting against politics entering into our discussion. Ron Johnson is one example of being HIGHLY political and totally Trumpist, yet has been cited favorably here. Leave him out of the discussion and don't compliment him for bringing ivermectin into the Senate hearing as he is politically motivated through and through (he also brought quite other perspectives into that hearing). Compliment doctors and researchers who appear to be non-political and serious, even when they might seem to lead to a conclusion that wouldn't seem to support your own politics (e.g. pro- or anti-government, etc.).