Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Is Warp Speed ever a good idea? Not at this vaccination center

Mass vaccination centers are run on speed.  In Oakland, California 6,000 shots per day were administered.  In an 8 hour day, that is one shot every 5 seconds.

Do you think mistakes will be made?  Who fills the syringes?  Who gives the shots? Are they tired?  Newly trained?  At one every 5 seconds, who can check that they are all administered correctly?  Do you really want to get injected with a new product when everyone involved in developing, producing and administering it has been going as fast as they can?

In Oakland, California it was discovered that over 3,000 recipients got the wrong dose.


Anonymous said...

Let’s talk about Maine CDC and the 45 PCR cycle threshold. 45!? Maine CDC is faking science. Janet Mills owns 45 PCR cycle threshold. Janet Mills supports fake science in Maine in order shut down small business. This is the Paris Accord not warp speed. Read it. Vertical equity vs horizontal equity

Anonymous said...

Warp speed must be too fast for the Mills sisters. They are performing a 45 cycle threshold on PCR tests in Maine. You probably missed that cause you know everything about California. Maine CDC is an embarrassment.

The Dough Boy said...

In a post from Dec, Dr Patrick Whelan wonders if the spike protein of SCV2 might be responsible for tissue damage

Here is an interesting interview with Dr Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger who seems to think that the LNPs used in the 'vaccine ' are toxic and responsible for cell death in all parts of the body. It seems we are hearing reports of people dying from multiple organ failure after receiving the jab. Was curious to your thoughts on this.

Anonymous said...

Is 45 PCR cycles ever a good idea? Not in Maine! No way!

The Dough Boy said...

45 cycles? Really? How do you know this? I have a feeling that you will start seeing this in all the states that are relaxing the mask mandates etc. Like TX, MS, and others. I would not be surprised to see the cycle threshold increased on people getting the 'test's just so theycan say 'see we toldyou itwas a bad idea '