Friday, March 19, 2021

The Covid Pandemic Is The Result of Public Health Authorities Blocking Effective Treatment/ Paul Craig Roberts

(Dr. Roberts was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and an Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal)

Paul Craig Roberts

Why are  all the countries in the world following the same unsuccessful and irresponsible response to Covid?  The masks and six feet “social distancing” are ineffective, and so are the vaccines.  Unless the mask is a N95, the mask does not prevent transmission of the virus. As the virus is airborn or areosol spread, six meters between persons dies not prevent spread. The lockdowns are more damaging to people and economies than Covid.

Why are authorities enforcing ineffective measures while ignoring proven successful measures that greatly reduce the Covid threat and perhaps eliminate it altogether? Is it because the proven measures are inexpensive and offer no opportunity for large profits from vaccines?  Is it because the “Covid pandemic” is useful for mandating control measures that curtail civil liberties?  Is it because the lockdowns decimate family businesses and enable further economic concentration?  The answer is “yes” to all three questions. 

The Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford Univesity, Sir John Bell, has revealed that Covid vaccination causes more mutations of the virus, requiring new vaccines in an endless chase. [1] 

I asked a distinguished virologist if the Oxford professor was correct, and was told: “Yes, Covid vaccination does and will cause more mutations.”  There already are a number of varients, and the South African government has reported that the vaccine it has purchased is not effective against the Covid strain in South Africa.  

Moreover, the vaccines themselves have not undergone long-run testing, and many serious reactions and more than 1,000 deaths are associated with the vaccinations. Some scientists are concerned that the untested technology in some of the vaccines will have adverse effects on the immune system and result in a jump in the overall death rate.  However, we look at it, we are flying at least partly blind.  Why as there is a far superior way to proceed?

First, begin with prevention.  Vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and NAC are effective and inexpensive immune boosters that ward off infection and reduce the severity of infection. Jonathan Cook gives a report on the latest research here: [2] 

Then turn to cures.  Both the HCQ/zinc/antibiotic treatment and the Ivermectin/zinc/antibiotic treatment are proven, safe, and inexpensive. Yet the evidence has been kept from the public. Even the most knowledgeable experts are deplatformed when they say anything that is in conflict with the vaccination/lockdown agenda.  The media are complicit in keeping the public uninformed. Why is this?  How does information suppression help deal with an alleged world pandemic?  Clearly, it does not help.

I have reported many times on the effectiveness of HCQ/zinc.  You can use the search feature on this website to locate my reports.  Ivermectin has proven to be even more effective than HCQ.  Dr. Marc Wathelet, a leading virologist, has brought the evidence for Ivermectin before the government of Belgium. [3] 

There is no justifiable reason for not using these cures, and there is no justifiable reason for not initiating a prevention program based on supplements, diet, and a more healthy life style. The failure of governments and health authorities to employ these proven means amounts to premeditated mass murder.  The reason people have died from Covid is the refusal to treat and to prevent with known effective means.  Instead, governments and health authorities have interfered with doctors and prevented treatment with HCQ and Ivermectin, while using the presstitutes to brainwash the public that these effective and safe treatments are dangerous.  

The massive disinformation campaign waged against effective prevention and treatment does not come from ignorance and incompetence of public authorities.  It comes from the agendas that Covid is being used to advance, agendas whose toll in human life and suffering is unimportant to those whose agendas are being served.

What reason is there for people in any country to have confidence in their government and public health authorities?


Anonymous said...

I have been a nurse for decades, and I have lost all confidence in medicine and nursing to do the right thing.
Thank you Dr. Nass for publishing this article and all the others on your blogspot.

Anonymous said...

Worth it to look into the author himself. Some of his opinions are pretty silly. Doesn’t discredit this article but to me it’s worth looking into his other views.

Anonymous said...

Yes this particular article itself seems reasonable but that website goes to extremes. Does it discredit the article by association? A little bit - certainly makes it harder to refer people to this site which I've been saying is scientific and medical in perspective. That's not meant as a criticism - I really appreciate what you're doing. But just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Is PCR, a former high U.S. official, more credible or less credible than the Lancet and other medical publications?, which published ridiculously one-sided studies designed to show HCQ as ineffective.
You take you allies where you can. They are in short supply when Twitter, Facebook and the mainstream media are pushing vaccines, lookdowns and papers please.

Ron Goes said...

Time for the lawyers: There is this thing called the Helsinki agreement that defines what public health authorities need to do. That is treat ilness and dispense the the rCT's once the Meta-analysis is done. Dr's Schaum and Lawrie have demonstrated the Meta's. Another endoresment