Monday, March 15, 2021

Pfizer's Chief Financial Officer tells investors it is "becoming increasingly likely that an annual revaccination is going to take place"

Read it yourself.  Thank Lee Fang at The Intercept for providing this transcript of Pfizer's recent phone call with investors.  The quote I used in the title is from page 4: 

In case you haven't figured it out, the worse current vaccines do against viral variants, the more frequently new vaccines can be sold to us.  Feeling played yet?

Are more frequent vaccines a problem?  Well, the side effects and benefits of stacking yearly injections of mRNA or DNA vaccines are totally unknown.  And at the rate CDC is investigating those side effects, we will probably never know much about them.  So a yearly dose will simply be another experiment.  How many times do you want to be a human guinea pig?


Jill in Texas said...

I am scheduled for the first dose of vaccine this Friday. I do not know which one it is. I feel that the country is actually being used as the third clinical trial, write large. I am 68, have no underlying conditions, take no pharma meds - have been on supplements and vitamins for 6 years, most notably D and E and zinc, with the usual C, A, and so forth. My fear is having not the "usual, expected" mild side-effects; I am frantic about any neurological damage that may not manifest immediately. I fear Bell's Palsy, Guillain Barre.

I feel a great sense of doom, either way I go. Lost a cousin and a former classmate last month, same week, to covid.

Never before has having so much information - most of it conflicting - been such a nightmare. -Jill Strehl, Texas

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...


There are doctors in Texas who can treat you for Covid and overnight the meds to you if necessary. here are some places to look.

Anonymous said...

Those resources look great. I'd also recommend Dr. Richard Horowitz, a lyme researcher and clinician - his website is and you can click on the covid tab at the top. He's a good follow on FB. He has a protocol (prevention + treatment versions) that apparently has helped over 70 people with covid stay out of hospital, many of whom I believe have lyme disease as well.

Dr. Y said...

Have a look on youtube using the search terms:

1. Dr. David Brownstein, COVID, protocol

2. for background, there is a 2-3h 'overview' by ZachBushMD channel
but skip the first 15 minutes; a goldmine of essential understanding
as to how our immune system works with many new discoveries, often within the last two years, even as a surgeon, I learned new material.

3. Geert van Bossche Phd, DVM, for your skeptical pro-vaccine friends, here's a 30 year vaccine DEEP expert designer sounding the alarm who has the knowledge I gleaned from #2 above, i.e. he is working on probably a better idea, a natural killer cell vaccine, but it's too early to tell, you'll be a bit surprised about what he says about what we are doing now, March, 2021. He has posted 3 different interviews in the last 10 days basically saying the same thing in each.

Dr. Y said...

Meryl, we all owe you a debt of great gratitude, you are very courageous and the world needs more doctors like you who speak up and hold authorities to account. I hope all turns out well but more people need to speak up. I was banned from reddit for simply posting the information in my previous post, when I asked why, the term 'antivaxx wingnut' was used, I pointed out all three experts are not 'antivaxx' and that they should watch the material. I am currently appealing the permanent ban 2 hours after joining reddit.

Jill in Texas.
Learn the simple step of using a nebulizer with iodine and diluted hydrogen peroxide, then seek out local holistic doctors who use Dr. Brownstein's IV Vitamin C and ozone where applicable [for treatment, not prevention].

Anonymous said...

While awaiting development of further variant vaccines, reportedly increasingly necessary requirement once vaccinated, with indications antibody vaccinations may cause reactions that interferes with innate immunity if needed for variants?

Do mRNA vaccines interfere with, if available in your country, over the counter low cost effective treatments for variants if needed that maybe unavailable for perhaps some less effective favored higher cost treatments at hospitals while awaiting further vaccines?

Dr Chris King said...

Here is a link to an article on ResearchGate in which the author repertorised the documented adverse effects for each of the COVID vaccines on the market worldwide, and came up with a short list of homeopathic remedies that address the most common effects:

If you simply must get vaccinated (e.g., one of my brothers is an ER doc in a "hotspot" hospital, the other works IT for a state health department), then perhaps one or more of these remedies may help mitigate the harm.

There are sure to be others. For example, Rhus toxicodendron may be the best fit in some patients.

My advice to anyone who asks is to avoid these vaccines where you can, and mitigate the harm when you can't. The long-term effects of these vaccines are still an unknown, but there are some disturbing clues from earlier attempts to develop a COVID vaccine, such as for SARS (COVID-02) and MERS (COVID-12). These vaccines failed in the preclinical phase because the vaccinated animals were at increased risk for illness when subsequently exposed to the virus. What are we letting ourselves in for...???

Dr Chris King
Anima Vet - holistic veterinary care