Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Fighting health passports in Israel and Europe

Europeans and Israelis discuss the vaccine passports that have already been imposed in Israel and are about to be approved in Europe, and ways to protect yourself. 

This panel was organized by the World Freedom Alliance and Children's Health Defense, Europe


Dr Chris King said...

Any chance you could summarise it for those of us who do not support Facebook or any of its related platforms?

Thanks in advance!

Meryl Nass, M.D. said...

Sorry, there were 8 or 9 commenters and I did not hear about any magic that would slow the bulldozer of vaccine mandates and passports down. There are some legal strategies, but most likely the effort to force this through the European Parliament and European Council had already obtained the agreement of the EU's leadership.

It seems that we in the US are fortunate to have a constitution that reserved so many powers to the states. If enough people in some states refuse to go along, these measures can be attempted here (and they are) but the pushback will be greater.

Once the lavish government handouts are over and companies need to earn money, they will remember they have to please their customers. We customers need to spend our money and place our money in companies that align with our interests. Fingers crossed.

Dr Chris King said...

Thank you!

Thus far, there's no government-mandated vaccination here in Australia; just a lot of pressure to be a good citizen, protect your fellow Aussies, and help get life back to normal by getting vaccinated.

Australia does not have a Bill of Rights which includes medical autonomy, but we're a bloody-minded lot, so I think the present government (politically conservative but very sensitive to optics and criticism) knows better than to even attempt mandatory vaccination.

Getting to fly internationally, however, is a whole other matter. As long as airlines or other countries can mandate vaccination for travel or entry, we'll be unable to leave the country. That works as a de facto vaccine mandate for anyone who wants or needs to travel internationally.

Thanks again for the synopsis of the FB info.