Monday, May 30, 2022

WHO, pandemic preparedness and world takeover

Before the World Health Assembly meeting last week, Dr. David Bell provided an excellent explanation of the WHO, pandemic preparedness and the pending proposals and still-being-negotiated treaty.

The meeting ended two days ago.  Many of the amendments proposed by the US and about 30 supporters were withdrawn during the meeting.  A simple majority of nations was not yet ready to vote to surrender their sovereignty in the event of an undefined pandemic.

Not this week.  More coming, stay tuned.

IMHO, the best way to avoid this particular disaster is simply to tell the truth about the lack of meaningful work of the WHO, whose raison d'etre seems to be vaccinations. And bad advice regarding pandemics.



WaffleStaffel said...

Here's an anomaly in the Uvalde story which requires an explanation-
In my opinion, there is only one explanation.

I know, it's reprehensible to suggest the Uvalde shooting was fake. It trivializes the death of nineteen children. But, if we're willing to entertain the idea the shooter was MK-ULTRAed, why is it so hard to believe the authorities would do other reprehensible, in humane things?

Speaking of drills morphing into reality, "Chilling images show students at Salvador Ramos’ HS pretending to be dead during active-shooter drill"
"Uvalde Schools Locked Down at Least 48 Times This Academic Year"

Anonymous said...

WHO Equals, China, Gates, WEF/Davos, Soros, High Level Democrats & Rino's.

Thinking Caps why it took Pelosi so long to deliver Impeachment Charges to Congress Jan 2020? Make sure Operation Covid was well underway?

Under ‘President Obama’, ‘Dr. Fauci’, US NIH, approved & U.S. government gave (Taxpayers) $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated.

Did Coronavirius ‘break out’ of a Bio-Lab George Soros ‘owns in Wuhan, China’?

The Company that plans to ‘distributate Remdesivir’, ‘UNITAID’, a therapy for Covid#19 ‘Gates, Soro’s and Clintons have a Financial Interest’?
One billionaire investor behind UNITAID is ‘George Soros’ himself . But why stop there? UNITAID is also financed by the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ and also involves a partnership with the ‘Clinton Health Access Initiative’ (CHAI). And interestingly enough both UNITAID and Gilead Biosciences ‘supported’ Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 .

If you want details, like Dr Fauci owning 4 patents on these protein modifications and Fort Detrick's work on coronavirus in bats, listen to George Webb and Nathan Rich, and then do your own research:

Minnesota: Doctors Receiving Instructions “to Report Covid19 as a Cause of Death, even if Patient was never Tested”.Dr Scott Jensen Reveals

“Ridiculous” Covid19 Guidance

My conversation with State Senator and doctor who exposes Medicare payouts for COVID-19 patients

Anonymous said...

Nice article from PubMed. Author mentioned Meryl

I just don't understand how we, American People, can live with all this.

Also with all truth that is coming from everywhere.
War. Do we know that our weapon in Ukraine is used to throw our rackets not at army but at school, nursing homes, daycares where no army is located just people.

Do we know that we support neo nazi with our tax money outside and inside country?

Anonymous said...
nice article, where Meryl is mentioned.