Thursday, May 5, 2022

If your region was a success story wrt COVID cases earlier, it will be a failure now, or later. Vermont, for example...

AP: CDC: Half Of Vermont’s 14 Counties Have High COVID-19 Levels 

Half of Vermont’s 14 counties have been rated as having high community levels of COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rankings are based on a handful of factors including new hospital admissions for COVID-19, recent case counts, and the community’s overall hospital capacity. Washington County reported the highest number of cases per 100,000 individuals, followed by Chittenden County and Bennington County. The other counties with high community levels of the virus are Addison, Franklin, Grand Isle and Orleans. (5/1) Kaiser Health News.
So much for those high vaccination rates, coupled with people staying home.  Vermont is the most rural of US states; in other words, a smaller percent of Vermont's 624,000 residents live in cities than in any other state.  So there were fewer opportunities for crowds.

The lesson is that with endemic viruses, you get it now or you get it later.  Have the vaccines worked for more than a few months, it might have been different.

In Maine, I learned today that 70% of COVID deaths in the past month were in the vaccinated--the vaccine is not saving lives, despite what Rochelle may claim while batting her eyelashes and trying to appear earnest.


Tyro said...

They're seeing the same internationally - where NPI's and vaccines succeeded in preserving a large population w/ a naive a/o ineffective immune response. That has effectively amplified the impact of Omicron over what a more rational approach to exposure would have yielded - i.e. if those elements of the population not at risk from earlier variants had become infected previously.

But of course the zero-covid crowd only sees this as reason for yet more vaccinations forever.

Anonymous said...

The spike shots sure as hell didn't work in Thailand, look at death count and cases May 2021 forward.

Anonymous said...

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