Saturday, May 7, 2022

Not new, but solid and comprehensive information on vaccines, immunity, adverse events/Robert Malone interview


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'New UK government data shows the COVID vaccines 'kill' more people than they save'!

I've been asking everyone: Show me the all-cause mortality data proving the vaccines are safe. I finally got some data. It's from the UK government and it's devastating. REALLY devastating.

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Bill Gates now admitting Covid was 'little more than the Flu' ....!

Low Fatality rate, excluding Elderly!

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'Bill Gates now admits Covid was little more than the Flu!'

BILL GATES: “It wasn’t until early February — We didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low fatality rate and that it’s a disease mainly in the elderly, kind of like flu is.
How much the Vaccine cabal made off of Vaccines, plus people loosing their careers Vax Mandates!

'Bill and Fauci made a fortune on lying to Americans and others'. Treated early with drugs that were considered safe would have resulted in a much lower mortality rate. By critizing these well-known drugs(which would be cheaper by a factor of a thousand) Mr. Bill and Fauci delayed them and waited for the big 3 vaccines which were not thoroughly tested. This was not the only time Fauci delayed cheap and effective drugs because he had a financial interest in competitive, cheaper drug. He caused the majority of deaths because of his greed.

Anonymous said...

Biodistribution Study of Pfizer Covid-19 Injection suggests use of mRNA Vaccines should be suspended immediately!

Medicine Regulators believe attenuated viruses in AstraZeneca & Janssen COVID Vaccines are to blame for rise in deadly Hepatitis among Children!

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"FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like The Flu"!